Unfortunately, many nations around the world are currently facing obesity epidemics. Thankfully, with the help of improved technology and access to education and tools, societies are beginning to better understand the benefits of positive lifestyle choices. Extensive research on the topic has found that positive lifestyle choices, such as healthy eating, exercise, and green living, have a significant impact on both mental and physical health.

Due to health problems as a child, Trupti Sarang developed a passion for health and nutrition early on in life. Trupti also had an innate love for nature. Planting herbs, recycling, and being outdoors were always natural pastimes for her. Trupti is now a clinical pharmacist working in a hospital setting in Austin, Texas. As a young adult, she earned a Bachelor of Arts in English with a minor in Chemistry and a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy at the University of TX in Austin. She then went on to complete her Doctorate in Pharmacy at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. Trupti Sarang’s interest in natural medicine, nutrition, and fitness, has led her to develop a website designed to help educate others on the limitations of modern medicine. While, as a pharmacist, she recognizes the importance of pharmaceuticals, hospital care, and surgeries, she focuses on presenting additional options involving positive lifestyle choices and alternative medicine.


Positive lifestyle choices, including good nutrition, can have a significant impact on one’s physical and mental well-being. A nutritious diet can lead to better heart health, healthy body weight, and even a reduced risk of developing certain chronic diseases. According to Pharmacist Trupti Sarang, the answer to chronic disease prevention lies in nutrition and other forms of natural healing. In addition to the physical benefits of a nutritious lifestyle, healthy eating habits can also positively affect mental health. Improved mood and emotional well-being, as well as a decreased risk of depression and other mental health concerns, are just a few of the positive impacts that a healthy diet has on the mind.


Physical activity also plays a significant role in good physical and mental health. Exercise, especially when paired with good nutrition, can reduce blood pressure, help maintain a healthy heart and body mass, increase metabolism and energy levels, and improve muscle strength, among other things. Many mental health benefits are also offered by physical activity including increased well-being and motivation, positive emotions, and a more positive outlook on life. Trupti Sarang proposes that these benefits can lead to an overall improvement in quality of life.

Trupti Sarang on Green Living

Green living can come in the form of green exercise, green eating, and sustainable living. All of these positive lifestyle choices come with both physical and mental health benefits.

Green exercise involves physical activity in nature. From running to walking to hiking in the outdoors, green exercise offers positive health benefits ranging from a happier outlook on life

to improved stamina and cardiovascular health. In fact, it has been shown that outdoor physical activity can have health benefits above and beyond those offered by indoor exercise. Green exercise may offer better regulation of emotions, improved memory capabilities, and reduced stress levels. Trupti Sarang pharmacist notes that some studies even suggest that outdoor activity can help increase concentration, enhance creativity, and improve problem-solving skills. Physically speaking, green exercise also offers extensive benefits. These may include a healthier body and improved body functions, increased energy levels, and a significantly reduced risk of suffering from obesity. Green exercise has also been shown to help with vision and fighting disease, benefits that are not generally associated with indoor exercise.