God writes the Gospel not in the Bible alone, but also on trees, and in the flowers and clouds and stars.
– Martin Luther

Something very interesting happened as I was watching the solar eclipse. Just as the eclipse was nearing its peak, the clouds rolled in. At first, I was bummed out; however, the clouds allowed me to see the sun more clearly.

As leaders, our days are often filled with busyness and distractions that can cause us to take our focus off what is most important. However, much like the clouds allowed me to see the eclipse more clearly by dimming out the sun’s rays, our busyness and distractions can help us see our most important things more clearly.

Think about all the things going on throughout your busy schedule on any given day. What few things stand out the most? Chances are, those few things are your most important tasks or relationships. Are you ensuring you are spending the proper time on those most important things?

If not, don’t beat yourself up; many of us face this same challenge. One thing that has helped me is to make a list at the end of each day of 10 things I need to complete the following day. This can be everything from short & simple tasks, to three-four-hour commitments, to a date with my wife. If it’s on my list, it gets done, period!

The bottom line is we all have tons of things going on in our life, and sometimes we need to just slow down to see what’s most important. Once we figure that out, we can prioritize our busyness to accomplish the things that matter most.

“Run to Your Challenges… to Achieve Greatness & Stand Out Among Leaders!”

Originally published at www.currentleadershipcoaching.com

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Originally published at www.currentleadershipcoaching.com


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