Despite all the rave talk among techies, their new favorite app is an invite-only social network (so far) to chat with each other. The Clubhouse app is an invitation-only social media app where people chat about topics from serious topics like music, social justice, artificial intelligence to fun trivial competitions.

Clubhouse works by allowing people to join pop-up audio chat rooms that disappear when they end. Once in the rooms, users are divided into levels determined by the moderators. Users can join any chat room to see who is speaking or listening, go to their profile page, and follow each other.

Clubhouse app is one of the best audio chat app in the apple store, which allows users to join group chats spontaneously. However, this may be different, since you do not need to have a preliminary connection with the person with whom you are trying to jump into the room.

On Clubhouse you can raise your hand to be invited to speak, this has proven to be very popular with venture capitalists and technocrats. Clubhouse has many celebrities that run various clubs and campaigns to get the attention of audiences around the world and raise their voices. Day after day, they update the app with new rules and features. The longest room running record on the clubhouse app is set recently by We Drop Gems Club.

Longest Running Clubhouse Room Record by We Drop Gems Club

We Drop Gems Club Breaks the record for the longest-running room in iOS app history. In the past, this record was set by the “Late Nights Early Morning Club” for a running room of approximately 12 days and 38 minutes. The Late Nights Early Morning Club originated a lot of the culture that’s seen on the app today. We Drop Gems broke the record on the morning of January 8, 2021, at 5:38 a.m.

We Drop Gems have launched the “Welcome To Clubhouse: How To Room, Features and User bio audits” as part of the We Drop Gems Club, which is currently running as planned. The room was created on Sunday, December 27, at 5 a.m. PST. The room was created for new users to teach them about the clubhouse, tweak their bio to stand out in the app, and audits Instagram to make sure users are doing well in all areas.

Room activities

  • The room has feathered such celebrities as Grant Cardone, Shaq, B Simone and more. We Drop Gems has attracted thousands of users to the in-app audio drop, with over 20,000 club members.
  • During those 12 days, the room experienced two clubhouse app glitches, room reports from competitor clubs, and more.
  • In 12 days, We Drop Gems have amassed a unique fan base. Users wait in line for hours to get help with auditing their clubhouse bios and Instagram.
  • Users tagged “We Drop Gems Certified” in their bio to let everyone on the app know they’ve been approved by the We Drop Gems Club and even a subgroup called Gemmies, created by a group of women We Drop Gems Club members.
  • We Drop Gems Club brought 15-30 minutes structured resets, last moderator standing game, Clubhouse guides & ebooks, clubhouse custom profile rings app, clubhouse contributors, catch phrase “we drop gems” “dropping gems”

This record is breathtaking and the first time in the history of the Clubhouse iOS app. Due to new Clubhouse restrictions on rooms no club or user will be able to break the record of the We Drop Gems Club. The Clubhouse is like a mystery box every night. You don’t know what will happen to you next, but it’s always a good thing. The Room was continuous for 20 straight days for 24 hours a day non stop.

About We Drop Gems Club

We Drop Gems Club was created by business tycoon MarQuis Trill to provide valuable information to users on the platform. What will become a club for users receiving gems has become a culture on Clubhouse. We Drop Gems Created Clubhouse Contributors, Full Bio and Instagram Audits Rooms, Script Clubhouse Service Announcement “Gem Drop”.

We Drop Gems created, that has gained 4,000 hits in less than a month, providing users with free content such as notes, ebooks, videos and links. The goal of We Drop Gems is to help members acquire knowledge, good habits, investments, communication, education, jurisprudence, personal finance, business structure, brands, sales, social media tracking, and economic growth.

We Drop Gems Club, consisting of MarQuis Trill, Elvonte Patton, Sean Lowe, Dennis Amps, Ashlye V. Wilkerson, L. Kobie Da Wiz, Joc Nixon, Amiraa Vee, Louie B., Yoshi Bee, Ashley Patton.

While cutting-edge technology and a mission to change the world are paramount, much of the big money in recent decades has ultimately come from exciting social media apps. Therefore, when it comes to creating new things, We Drop Gems often turns to what it knows, namely social media.

P.S The Room is still running

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