Consumer journey is divided into several intent driven micro-moments. CMO’s must reinvent the digital strategy adopted by their marketing teams to focus on reaching the consumer in their exact micro moment in order to shape their decisions and preferences.

Micro moments can happen anytime and consumers expect the brands to meet their needs with real time relevance. Mobile makes up 88% of all “near me” searches, with those mobile searches growing at 146% year over year (Source: Google internal search data, U.S., all devices, 2014-2015 and Google internal search data, U.S., mobile devices, 2014-2015).

Steps to Building an Intent Driven Digital Excellence Team

The organization structure should be flexible enough to allow for strategy driven variations. A culture of continuous improvement and constant innovation should be developed to nurture the leaders of tomorrow. Here are some of the steps that are desired to be taken:

A- Focus on Leadership Empowerment Based on the Needs of the Customer

Empowerment is the right to make decision and take action. Employees should be given a participatory role in the organization that empower them to make customer driven judgement based on their own expertise. You must start a blog and encourage your employees to share their experiences with the entire community. Moreover, management should be trained to coach the empowered employees.

B- Create Data Driven Campaigns to Build Message that Resonates with Niche Audiences

Big data should be used to create contextual campaigns that focusses upon geolocation, time, device, language, and performance. Customer driven contextual campaigns should be coupled with precision marketing that target every niche segment’s personal preferences.

C- Meet the Customer at Every Touchpoint in their Path to Purchase

Intent rich moments are critical to win the customers and the path to purchase often involves mobiles and smartphones. The 3 key areas to focus are:

Prepare teams and gather data for the identification of key micro-moments.

Use tools to deliver on needs in the moment.

Hire analysts to effectively measure all moments.

Remarketing is an ideal strategy to remain within the touchpoints of the customer until they make a decision to purchase.

D- Leverage Native Commerce For Attracting Potential Buyers

Native Commerce is about attracting passionate buyers of different categories of products through building content-driven communities. Your company should have a clear picture of your ideal customer and the services provided must ideally fit the changing needs of the consumer. Nurturing a content driven community that supports the growth of your ideal audience will help you to sell without applying any force.

E- Master the Right Marketing Stack

Have right people on the right marketing strategy. People who love playing with data can’t be given tasks to prepare taglines. Your company should hire balanced leaders who can manage every angle of the customer oriented marketing strategy. People who claim to be marketing gurus but don’t use technology to target potential customers are not an ideal fit for your company. Look for people who have the talent to create and amplify unique experiences.

Understand your customers and build the base for an intent driven digital excellence team for tomorrow. You must have the ability to make big moves for the long term. Focus on building teams who are able to optimize campaigns targeted towards customer propensity in order to take the desired action.