Following your passion can either make you or break you. Unfortunately, there is no rule book that details what should and shouldn’t be done while you’re trying to turn your passion into your profession. You just have to follow your gut and pray that everything falls into place.

One such man who took his passion for fitness and training and turned it into a successful profession is Coach Meddy. Born in France, Coach Meddy settled in Dubai many years ago. He is a French personal trainer and boxing coach in Dubai with over 10 years of experience. Talking about why he chose the fitness route, he says, “Fitness changed my whole life, so I decided to change other people’s life by training them. I train various professional football players, athletes, and TV presenters.”

Working in the sports and fitness industry has catapulted Coach Meddy to fame. Today, he is a well-known social media influencer with a constantly rising fan-following on Instagram. He was nominated ‘Best Personal Trainer in UAE’ in 2017. The gym he manages and promotes was awarded ‘Best Gym Facility in UAE’ in 2018. In the same year, he also launched sports media ‘NA 39’ with world famous footballer Nicolas Anelka.He is also working with football teams like Juventus Turin and Borussia Dortmund.

Over the course of his career, Coach Meddy has worked with several celebrities like Blaise Matuidi (Football world champion), Nurali Aliyev (public Figure), Mike Philipps (Rugby), Thibault Garcia (French TV), Daniel Gavines (golf) and many more. He has trained over a hundred sports athletes and artists. But why do all these well-known names flock to him? While answering the question, he says, “The significant thing about my work is that it is something unique. The reason why so many athletes come to me is because, I have created a unique method of working out. My workout routine is adjusted to football players from martial arts conditioning. I call it MMF Protocol which stands for Mixed Martial and football protocol. The MMF Protocol gives fast and sustainable results and it is optimized with a specific nutrition plan.”

Coach Meddy offers three training programs and all three programs lead to assured results. The first program that he offers is personal training. Personal training has one-on-one sessions and duo sessions. For these sessions, the coach builds personalized programs that are tailored to the individual and his/her fitness body. The second program is group training. This type of training requires a minimum of 4 people and it includesactivities such as body weight, cross-fit games, cardio- boxing, kickboxing and boot camp. The third program is sports activities. This training program includes various sport activities such as kayaking, cycling, hiking, climbing, jet-skiing, and running.

Wanting to increase the number of people whose life he could change, Coach Meddy built the NA39 mobile app with his friend and business partner, Nicolas Anelka. This app, that is available on Google Play and App Store, is dedicated to fitness and the football world. Through this app, he offers a digital program of workout to his users. Users of this app can also watch Coach Meddy interview celebrities about their fitness routines.

You get one life to fulfill all your dreams. Realizing this, Coach Meddy has seized all opportunities that have come his way to make his dreams come true. Today, due to his sheer will and dedication, he is a force to reckon with in the fitness world!


  • Ellen Saquiba

    CEO of Reckon Solutions and Journalist

    Ellen Re Saquiba, is a busy working woman with 2 kids, a health specialist, contributing journalist, and Founder and CEO at Reckon Solutions. Ellen has a passion for professional writing and has been a contributing journalist across Asia in many national publications. She has a special interest in writing content with the purpose of providing unique, impactful and interesting content for readers.