Coaching is what I love.  I know my why and I don’t know when the moment was that I actually realized it.  It’s been evolving for decades.

I often wonder if coaches that say they want to help someone actually help themselves first. Do they do the work and hold themselves accountable for their own growth and experiences.  Do they exhibit integrity and authenticity?

I do! It’s not a choice anymore – I committed to it and now it is just there! It’s ingrained internally.  That doesn’t mean I’m perfect. It just means I’m committed to myself.

What I promote is buyer beware.  I don’t just jump into paying someone for coaching or mentoring.  I watch, I wait and I ask myself questions. Popularity isn’t a buying factor for me.

*Does this person have a co-dependent need to coach?

*Are they cookie cutter?

*Is this person good at following through?

*Are they trying hard to get me to buy?

*Do they use scarcity as a marketing tactic?

*Do they express in their content self-growth and personal experiences that tell me they will “get me”?

*Do they walk their talk?

*Can they be honest with me when they need to be

*Do they have boundaries?

*Are they “too busy” to really address things fully?

*Do they really listen?

*Do I feel rushed when talking to them? Can I finish my sentences

*Listen to your gut. That sign this is the right choice

Just because someone knows how to market themselves doesn’t make them a great choice.  Often times really great coaches aren’t the best at marketing. I take into consideration more than the end result.  What matters to me when hiring a coach is how the journey will go!

The best coaches I’ve experienced have true authenticity and can be humble enough to admit things for the sake of wanting to connect.  They aren’t looking to defend their honor. Be aware of what it is you really want before you hire a coach. Pay attention!