Coaching Yourself Into A Mindset Of Happiness And A Surging Life

Happiness and living a joyful surging life, is something almost everyone aspires to.

Happiness is a core driver that brings inspiration and motivation, for everything we do in life. Actually living that joyful surging life is something that seems to be just out of grasp for most of the time though, for a lot of people. And while being happy 100% of the time may seem unrealistic to some people, being happy for a reasonable amount of the time is something that should be believed to be more than just possible, it should be understood to be natural.

The achievement of happiness, the majority of the time, then becomes a question of how. With many people wondering what things they should be doing, and how life is seemingly letting them down. On such a regular basis.

So the question then runs, of how we can actually create a good level of happiness, on a regular basis. And having been through some serious challenges, and coached a lot of people through really unpleasant situations, I can happily say, it is relatively easy to create a happy surging life for yourself.

Developing Your Mind In A Way That Creates A Growing Sense Of Happiness And A Surging Life

Happiness as you know is an emotional state.

So therefore, it is never really dependent on the things you do on a physical level. Of course, there are the thing you love doing, be they yoga, meditation, driving, traveling, eating or whatever. The activity is actually separate from the feeling though.

You are correlating an activity with an emotional response, and then doing the activity over and over again, in order to gain that emotional response again.

Here’s the funny thing though.

Have you ever watched a comedy which was done as short sketches? Something like The Penguins of Madagascar? It is pretty funny, with humor that both adults and younger generations can relate to. The short hits of humor always bring through a really positive emotional response. And so a mindset of enjoyment is built up around it.

However, when it was expanded out into a movie, the content was unable to keep up with the emotional expectation within the mindset, it just seemed to lack the humor. Something which is often very common with stories and programs.

It is also the same of life.

Expecting that constant level of happiness that people have when they are on holiday, is day by day, verging on unrealistic. Unless you shift your mindset and your viewpoint, so that you can experience life in a very different way.

Coaching Mindset Change So That You Enjoy A Joyful Surging Life With Ease

Coaching yourself can be challenging, it can also be enjoyable when you do it right.

While a lot of people talk about reducing expectations in order to be happier in life, I actually believe that you should keep your expectations high. And flow to your dreams and goals, regardless of what other people think is realistic. So what is the key difference?

How you treat yourself, and how you allow yourself to react to the world around you, is what dictates your happiness, and whether you are leading a joyful surging life.

Keeping a positive focus is important. Energy goes where intention flows, and you get what you focus on. So when you constantly think about ‘bad’ things, your experience of life becomes unpleasant. Though opting to always see ‘good’ in everything, empowers you to actually feel good about yourself and your life. Ergo, you get to lead a happy, joyful surging life relatively easily.

Coaching yourself around to this way of thinking and feeling is relatively easy.

While most people beat themselves up, which is counter-productive. Just give yourself gentle reminders that help you stay on a positive, happy track.

This is about making yourself smile.

When things are going off-track, personal development techniques like ho’oponopono can be incredibly valuable. They give you a chance to hold a focus on the positive, while you clean out the negative emotions which caused the unpleasant experience. As you flow through the technique, which is incredibly simple, you find yourself flowing back into a joyful happy state. Which helps you to flow on with the surging life you wished to create.

Ho’oponopono is something which has helped me a vast amount. And having practiced since 2004 I have been able to pull myself out of a huge number of slumps. Naturally, it is something which gets easier with experience, and magnitude of stress in life. It is incredibly simple though, and takes a very short time to learn to a useful level.

Deeper Ways Of Coaching Yourself Into Creating A Joyful Surging Life On A Daily Basis

Gratitude journaling is also great, again it keeps your focus on good things in life. Helping your mindset to get a better idea of what you want more of in life. You can begin with simple things. When I hit serious challenges in life things like gratitude for watching a sunset helped me re-focus in a positive direction. Reflecting and meditating on the fact that actually, there were good things happening in my life. Something which really helped my mindset. I still had stuff to deal with, but that level of positivity kept me from sinking into an abyss.

There are lots of things that can help with your mindset. Working with them is worthwhile. And when things do get too much, you can always get help through things like online coaching. Doing things yourself and coaching yourself is empowering, and at times allowing yourself to have help is incredibly positive and empowering too. Especially when it helps your mindset get back on track to a healthy state of happiness and a surging life.


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