It has long been said that success does not happen overnight, and it takes hard work and determination before one can achieve fame and success. A prime example of this is Coco O’Connor, who has worked tirelessly and is now on her way to superstardom.

Coco O’Connor is an award-winning Americana singer and songwriter hailing from Nashville, TN. A tenacious talent with impeccable singing and songwriting skills in her pockets, Coco has captured the attention of fans and industry talents and is now ready to take on the world by storm.

Coco O’Connor’s musical journey is that of humble beginnings, starting in rural Alabama in a small town called CullmBreaking into the music industry in 2015, Coco O’Connor has made a name for herself with her raw and honest songwriting and her signature sound. Coco’s music has been featured on many different platforms, including The Craig Ferguson Show, PBS, The History Channel, Netflix, and National Geographic and she has opened for country music legend Dwight Yoakam. Now, she is out once again to prove her prowess with her latest album, “When I Was Your World”, now available worldwide.

an. Growing up in her quiet town, Coco focused on finding and developing her signature sound. After successfully doing so, she went out of her small town and took on the world, starting with the release of her debut album, “Turquoise”, in 2015.

Following the release of her debut album, Coco was able to gain a following of her own. Three years after, she independently released an EP, “This Ol’ War”, which gained critical acclaim, and was recognized in early 2019 in the 15th Annual International Acoustic Music Awards (IAMA) when one of the songs from the album, “The Devil, A Wounded Man, And Me”, won an award.

With her winning awards and gaining traction, it was not long til industry titans took notice of Coco O’Connor’s talent. Soon enough, she was signed to Bonfire Music Group, and she started working on her next release. Going back to her roots, she collaborated with top producers and songwriters for her latest album, “When I Was Your World”.

While Coco O’Connor is already signed to a Grammy-Nominated label, she continues to be in charge of her career as she still does the bulk of the work of promoting her music. For the release of her latest album, Coco personally created the funnel for the offer, put up Facebook ads, and found a fulfiller and set it all up.

Luckily, this endeavor has helped her reach out to her avid supporters, connecting to them and listening to their stories while sharing her own as well.

Even at 45 years old, Coco O’Connor’s star is just starting to rise. With an impeccable talent that has gotten critics and fans wanting more, it won’t be soon until Coco’s names are on the top of the charts worldwide.

To know more about Coco O’Connor and where to catch her, check out her website, or follow her on her Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. You can also stream Coco’s music, including her latest album, “When I Was Your World,” on Spotify and YouTube.