Abbey Scott Crowson with the help of her husband, Mike Crowson, has finally launched a coffee brand, Coffee Over Cardio®, built and grown by women for women. Women today are fighting to have their own identities in a world where virtually every sector is dominated by women. And Abbey Scott Crowson almost got sucked into that life when she worked in the finance industry where men called the shots. She had some business ideas, but she never thought she would be able to bring them to life because she had gotten comfortable as an employee in the corporate world.

However, the Coffee Over Cardio® idea stayed with her, and her desire to give women a sense of control, coupled with her husband’s encouragement, pushed her to launch the brand. Although products from Coffee Over Cardio® are not made for only women, they are made with the modern female in mind. Empowerment, self-growth, and business growth are the driving forces behind the business.

Coffee Over Cardio® launched in December 2017 with four roasts from Abbey and Mike Crowson’s apartment. Over the last three years, the brand has launched more than 40 products, which include coffees, K-cups creamers, electrolytes, apparel, etc. Coffee Over Cardio® has al slogan that says, “We all deserve a cup of coffee,” and the brand is upholding that slogan with a specific focus on women. The company makes flavorful and fun coffee to keep the modern woman energized through all the activities she has lined up throughout the day. Whether she has to go to work, take care of her children, or run her own business, the brand has the coffee she needs.

Coffee Over Cardio® has grown beyond just a company. It is now a social community of people who love delicious and healthy coffee. The owners, Abbey and Mike, also have a health and fitness background, which has served as a major influence in how they have implemented health supplements into the products.

While the brand started out as a woman-centric brand and is still very much big on women empowerment, it has grown into a brand that appeals to health-conscious coffee-drinking millennials between 20 and 35 years old. The social community that Coffee Over Cardio® has grown to be is built on the foundation of empowering everyone and giving them all the boost they need to achieve their dreams with a cup of coffee. The company also takes its branding seriously as no other coffee company comes close in terms of the fun colors and personality that goes into the Coffee Over Cardio® experience.

Interestingly, Abbey and Mike are working hard to keep their company small. The company is growing, but they want to keep it small so that everyone can identify directly with them on a personal level. The ultimate goal is to keep the growing community a closely-knit one, and even though the business operates mainly online, they are focused on keeping it this way. Part of that continued growth is to surpass the $20 million annual sales mark as they are currently on course to hit $5 million before the end of 2020.

Coffee Over Cardio® is a unique coffee brand, and Abbey and Mike Crawson hope that it becomes the brand that comes to mind when anyone thinks about coffee.Learn more about the brand on the website.