It all starts with a positive mindset. Cognitively reframing your thoughts helps with better outcomes. Manifest a positive situation by cognitively reframing your thoughts.  We all have ‘what if’ scenarios and most of the time they are catastrophic: “What if I embarrass myself on stage”, “What if I hate it”, “What if I shouldn’t try this”. Self-Doubt, Self-sabotage get in our way of success and deter us from being our best version. But what happens if you take the “what if’s” and reframe them to positive ones? The outcomes become indicative of better situations and the risks won’t seem as intimidating. 

 What if….

You can do it:

Believing in yourself is the best thing you can do for yourself. “It’s not the machine, it’s the mind behind the machine”; Not to say we are machines but rather to emphasize how profound our thoughts are towards our actions. Your thoughts are indicative of your success. Focus on self-care and healthy activities which help foster a strong you, inside and out. 

Things Work out:

If we take out the self-sabotaging talk and believe what is happening is meant to be and for the better, it lifts the feeling of dread and hopelessness. It shifts your mindset. What seemed like a doomed situation, can all of sudden take new light. Take set-backs, as opportunities to learn and grow. 

Your irrational thoughts are wrong:

It’s ok to have irrational thoughts, we all have them. Acknowledge them and let them pass. Before you know it, they are long gone and you can go about staying on track and focused on what matters. These irrational thoughts, which usually begin with “what if”, do not represent you. Repressing them and being hard on yourself will only cause further stress. Instead, accept them and let them pass as a storm. 

Bad Things Won’t Happen:

Half the time we predict something “bad” will happen and most of the time it doesn’t. Diffuse the anticipatory anxiety thoughts that make you feel that way. Instead, tell yourself, such an occurrence won’t take place and even if it does, it doesn’t matter. Having a “who cares” perspective helps being realistic and not let your mind take control with imaginary and frightful situations. 

Your Hard Work Pays Off:

Believing your hard work will pay off will make you cognizant of its importance. As you work towards your goal you will be mindful of its effects. It may be a long term goal but knowing it is in the future, near or far, keeps your fervor strong.