Education has always been of great importance to most of us. However, some examples depart from this rule. Have you ever been pressured to graduate from college?

Surely, some of you have been. On the other hand, do you have a habit of taking risks? 

One young man listened to his instincts. He took risks and – succeeded in business. We present you, Cole Dockery. This courage young man has no business difficulties today. Still, not everything went so smoothly from the beginning.

Cole Dockery’s Early Beginnings

This 22-year-old digital entrepreneur got started his business just four years ago. His first mission – selling products and services online. After graduating high school, Dockery revealed that college was not an option. He started to work straight away. He was paid $18/hour which was more than a solid paid job, but Cole wanted something different. He decided he will pursue his dream to become a digital entrepreneur. Therefore, he quit his job. Dockery still remembers the day he left the factory.

It was the day he discovered he was capable of much more in life. He was standing sweated from the heat of the machines, alone in the employee locker room and completely depressed. He took the phone and sent the picture to his parents with the message: I can’t do it anymore. He stopped working at the factory the same day and never looked back. Leaving his work was not easy for young Dockery. His entire family worked, so it was almost like a tradition. Therefore, quitting was a difficult decision. It changed what seemed like a family standard.

The Business Idea Was Born

Though it may seem unserious at first, Dockery proved his qualities very quickly. When he was just 18, he was already selling products over the Facebook ads and funnels. In just one year, he was able to generate over Six figures selling over Facebook. Afterward, he managed to create a business empire. Online product selling and online services, literally made him rich. So far, Dockery has generated over 2 million dollars in sales. His eCommerce agency now employees over 15 people in total. Making such a huge step in life requires a massive shift in mindset one’s behavior.

Dockery claimed that the way of approaching and handling day to day interactions can be crucial.

Speaking of business…

One of the most important things is to become a producer, not a consumer. In his opinion, people are taught from an early age how to consume. But just a few are trained on becoming producers. Dockery thinks that continuous production of content, products or services will allow one to stand out from the competition. According to Dockery, that can tremendously scale your revenue. Another trait he can thank his success for – becoming a master student. Every entrepreneur should continually grow and learn, Cole Dockery claims. You need to learn and listen. By listening to what others have to say, you will truly find the right path to your business success.