Networking can feel super scary but you’ll be surprised how many people feel the same way as YOU! It’s important to build your community because entrepreneurship can feel lonely and having a support system can benefit you and your business. 

Networking also allows others to learn about who you are and gives you a chance to create a partnership that can propel your business, that’s why collaboration over competition is always the best way to develop meaningful relationships and build your community. 

Here are some tips on how your network and build your community:

  1. When you attend events, show support by following other attendees’ Instagram and reaching out send them a message saying “Hi, My name is __, It was nice seeing you at the __event, I would love to connect to learn more about what you and see how we can support each other.
  2.  Don’t be afraid to ask… Put yourself out there and ask other entrepreneurs, founders, if they want to collaborate with you. Present an idea for a workshop, giveaway, or IG feature. 
  3. Find your tribe. follow up with people you meet and feel a connection with. Ask them if they want to jump on bi-weekly calls or chat once a month to catch up, and offer support. 

While you’re doing all this it’s also important to remember to be patient, consistent, and genuine. 

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