Life has changed indefinitely. In many ways, we are experiencing what Ester Perel describes as a “loss on a massive, ubiquitous scale.” It’s equally important to feel that loss as it is to move through it and eventually fill it with something meaningful.

“Right now, the Ambiguous Loss is cumulative. It’s a loss of the way we have lived; the boundaries between work, home, school, and more; our plans, weddings, trips, birthday parties; and a loss of safety and trust in our leadership. And because it is ambiguous, it is difficult to know what we are mourning.” – Ester Perel

A few weeks ago, I felt numb. I struggled to make sense of what was happening all around me. I ended up finding solace in routine – waking up early each morning to paint, write, and enjoy a coffee-fueled walk.

Admittedly, this routine is a luxury that many first responders and essential workers do not have. It’s also a luxury that most homeschooling-full-time-working parents lack as well. Contemplating how others may be experiencing things has slowly turned my individual ubiquitous grief into a deep heartfelt gratitude.

I am grateful to be part of a family venture that prioritizes connection over production. Though we definitely have our hands full over at KOYA Innovations, our hearts have collectively been moved with deep appreciation for first responders and essential workers.

In response, we wanted to create something that would allow us to express our thanks while adding a little beauty into the world. So, essentially KIND was created to make it easy for people to express their gratitude and support.

It is our hope that first responders and essential workers will see faces from around the world thanking them for all that they do behind the scenes. It is also our hope that they will feel seen, appreciated, supported and encouraged after visiting essentially KIND.

Today, on International Nurses Day, we invite you to add your unique voice into the mix. It takes less than two minutes and has the ability to impact another person’s world for the better.

To show your appreciation: visit essentially KIND and press the yellow button to record a video. Additionally, you can submit art, poetry, or a thank you letter. This opportunity is available for everyone in the world and has no end date.

Here are a few other ways that you can easily express your support:

  1. Over at Give Essential, you can give essential items to essential workers.
  2. You can submit a personal good news story over at Covid Good News.
  3. If you know an essential worker or healthcare worker personally, consider sending them meals through a meal delivery service or order groceries for their family.

Let’s overwhelm first responders, especially nurses on International Nurses Day, and essential workers with our collective thanks. Together, we can create a ripple of kindness and gratitude that extends beyond borders and beliefs.