Colleen Gallagher

“Taking a leap of faith…”

“Listening to your heart…”

“Not accepting a life less than what you desire…”

“Seeking alignment with your higher self…”

This is language we hear all the time in the mystical/self-help world… but what does it truly mean? And how can we lean into these concepts in 2021, to make this the year we lend to the greater good and lean into our own purpose?

As the CEO of Biztuition, I was inspired to share the wisdom and stories of others who are on the higher path in the world of business and beyond.  It’s just one of the reasons why I launched two shows, The Mystical Entrepreneur podcast and the RendezVous with Juju livestream show.

Colleen Gallagher and Juju Christopher on the RendezVous with Juju livestream show!
RendezVous with Juju livestream show

For every year I’ve spent in business, building my own Biztuition, it seems I always end up back at the same basics. Why? Because life is so much more simple than we’ve been taught and I was thrilled to have a conscious conversation with author and intuitive, Colleen Gallagher, who teaches people to find, speak and live their truth. In this episode of RendezVous with Juju, Colleen and I went to the core of it all – and ended up with these ABC’s that are, simply put, the foundation of our very existence. 

You know those days you have where everything flows in the direction you wanted? Where your heart feels fuller than usual? Where every stranger you cross paths with senses your energy and smiles or says hello? Where the market is sold out of your favorite juice, except that one last bottle hiding in the back? Where the lot is full but somehow you manage to find an empty spot? This is alignment. This is the simple state of life when we are centered in our hearts and our minds are clear.  

But why is it so hard to get here? And why is it even harder to stay here? 

Let’s Start with A… Alignment 

Because, as Colleen puts it, we are willing to compromise our lives to avoid falling in love with them. And we do this because love seems scary, even though the opposite is true. We are so willing to cling to our past conditioning and to hold onto trauma and fear because it’s what we know. Even though the real safety exists in love. 

B is for Bliss. 

In business, in life, in love – bliss is simply heart-centered living. The place where we feel the electric energy of our environment and the calm all at the same time. It’s the “buzz” people seek from substances when they aren’t aware that it is naturally occurring. 

Taking a leap of faith. Listening to your heart. Not accepting a life less than what you desire. Seeking alignment with your higher self. This is bliss in action. 

Colleen Gallagher

True bliss is not an emotion that comes and goes with the ups and downs of life. True bliss is a state of existence where you are connected to and experiencing the entire Universe in your own unique way. And isn’t this the ultimate goal in life? Isn’t this what we tell ourselves we are seeking when we spend days/weeks/months/year at a  job looking for purpose? Isn’t this what we tell ourselves we are seeking when we pour into relationships and partnerships? 

But here’s where it gets weird. Bliss doesn’t come from those things – even though we’ve been told it does our entire lives. Bliss comes from the inside, and it comes from you. You have everything you need to create your own bliss, without any external interference. How? Let’s talk about ‘C’. 

Ready to “C?” Consciousness – and What it Means to Just Be.

“Many of us have been disconnected from our truth because we have been rejected for it previously or we avoid our truth because we think it’s easy to live a “normal” life. Yet living a “normal” life is usually what makes us unhappy, depressed, and desire to start searching for answers.”

-Colleen Gallagher

This is where consciousness comes into the picture. Consciousness is the foundation of your entire existence. The only true problem in the world whether you are conscious or not. Because, with consciousness, you connect to the Universe, and when you connect to the Universe, problems become stepping stones that take you even further into alignment and bliss. Consciousness creates safety and your ability to fully express yourself (live your purpose) expands. 

In her most recent book, An Uncompromised Life, Colleen talks about this concept of safety and why it’s so important. When we don’t feel safe, we don’t express ourselves. When we cannot tell our truth or share our hearts, because there’s no comfort in doing so, this leads to mental health issues and physical health issues – and misdiagnosis and stress and lack of sleep – when, in reality, we just aren’t being who we are meant to be. 

We cannot ignore our need to be grounded in these guiding principles and truths of life. 

So, are you ready to be more you? You’re invited to “RendezVous with Juju!” so you can step into the ABC’s of your life? RSVP to your invite to the Mystical Entrepreneur tribe and apply to be a guest on the show!


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