“I love the look, feel and smell of film, said photographer Huss Hardan, whose work is currently on view in a solo exhibition titled “Color of Money” at huZ galleries in San Pedro. He continued, “The process is very pure and disciplined as you do not waste shots, but make sure each one counts. The fact that you have an actual physical representation of the image, a permanent one that will not be lost in a hard drive crash or obsolescence of hardware is most appealing.

Hardan’s gallery huZ Galleries in San Pedro features two original 40” by 32” prints of Elvis Presley performing the year prior to the icon becoming famous. “We have those because they were shot on film, and the negatives were recently re-discovered 60 years later! That could never happen with a digital image.”

Hardan’s exhibition “Color of Money” is part of a trilogy entitled “Anguish and Obsession” currently on exhibit at huZ galleries. The Trilogy is sub divided into three series…An American Love Story, The Color of Money and Mother Earth.

Huss Hardan, A&O, Color of Money – Arousal of Cognizance

When asked how he knew he wanted to do a trilogy, he replied, “I just felt there was a story to be told in chapters, one of the travails of the human condition.” Hardan described the project’s journey “The process was the same – creation of the concept – the story boarding – the execution. What changed was I wanted to give each part of the trilogy a different photographic look.”

The exhibition features eight works with two shot in color with 35mm film, then the additional six are black and white shot with 120 film. “Color of Money” has a pointed view of acknowledging the blatant disrespect of women while delving deeper into subjects such as sexual harassment, and abuse, even human trafficking.

He has worked with models previously in his photography, and now he has a core group of friends that are happy to work with him. They have seen firsthand his commitment to the work and the evolution of this project. “Having people excited in the process brings extra energy to it, which shows in the end results.”

Currently on view in conjunction with Hardan’s exhibition is “Urban Dilemmas,” a solo exhibition by Randi Matushevitz.

Randi Matushevitz, It’s A Gas, 2017, charcoal, pastel, spray paint, acrylic on canvas, 54″ x 64″

Matushevitz said she finds inspiration in everyday life…“It’s A Gas was influenced by the contradictions of a daily act, in this case pumping gas, while the world begs for change daily habits of consumerism remain the same.”

Stop by huZ galleries for an art talk (at 4pm) and a closing reception on Saturday January 27th from 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm.

huZ galleries is located at 341 West 7th St San Pedro, 90731; Find out more about the “Color of Money” and huz galleries at https://www.huzgalleries.com/

To learn more about Huss Hardan and his photography, see his website at http://husshardan.com/

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