Luis Jorge Rios is a veteran and entrepreneur who has aided dozens of individuals across the world in their journey to success. Today, we will learn the values and principles that Luis has applied over the years to help him overcome anxiety and achieve success as an entrepreneur. 

Avoiding Stress And Burnout

Burnout and stress are major issues that affect a large majority of the world’s population daily. These issues, if left untreated, can cause serious health problems later on in our lives.

Luis shares that he copes with the stress he faces daily by taking a jog or reading books. When he was in the army, Luis experienced life-threatening circumstances that taught him how he would handle stress and anxiety effectively in any situation.

Apart from this, Luis also hangs out with his wife and sons whenever he feels burned out. During his free time, he also hosts TedX events to help communities. This gives him a sense of accomplishment.

Overcoming Obstacles

Obstacles are part of our daily lives. Everyone experiences obstacles at some point in their day, however, it’s just a matter of how we deal with them.

Luis spent a total of 10 years in the U.S Army. And 4 out of those 10 years was spent in war. The obstacles Jose faced in battle were not only terrifying, but they were also life-threatening. To help him overcome the fear, Luis always had his wife and two sons in mind. He shares that this kept them going.

Luis also lost a lot of money from failed businesses and couldn’t figure out where to begin. Fortunately, he stumbled upon serial entrepreneur Mark Cuban’s advice on never giving up and doing all that it takes to achieve success. This encouraged him to push forward with his life and become the man he is today.

Words of Advice

Here are some words of advice from Luis for anyone striving to achieve success:

“Get a mentor! My mentor Mark Cuban, who I was able to interview, told me to build slowly and also to get a really good job and be great at it. I’m in real estate and I’m also a writer and I do the best I can to be great at both. 

The 10 x rule by Grant Cardone is a book I recommend that you read. I have read many times and this has helped me shape my mind for success.”