Almost one in five Americans go without healthcare. This means that over forty-four million people do not have health insurance. There are numerous organizations devoted to changing this and Venice Family Clinic is one of them. Their mission is to provide quality healthcare to individuals who are unable to attain critically needed health care services. From infants to senior citizens, the Clinic serves anyone in need. What’s more inspiring is Venice Family Clinic works with the next generation of doctors for the greater good of the community by providing primary and specialty care training to hundreds of medical students and medical residents.

On March 25, Venice Family Clinic hosted the thirty-seventh annual Silver Circle Gala, collecting over $1.5 million to assist their goal of providing quality healthcare to thousands of individuals in need. The star-studded guest list included Grey’s Anatomy’s Alex Landi, TimesUp founder Nina Shaw, Gifted actress Jona Xiao, Pooja Batra of The Rookie, and Jessica Allain, star of the 2019 film Thriller. In addition to the lively cocktail hour and sit-down dinner, the event celebrated Ivy Kagan Bierman and Russel Tyner for their outstanding contributions to the organization.

It’s so important to recognize leaders who are defining what it means to really give and make an impact and the event did that. Ivy Kagan Bierman, who works as an entertainment partner at Loeb & Loeb LLP, concentrates on a myriad of issues concerning the #MeToo movement. She is also committed to transforming office cultures in an effort to eliminate discrimination in the workplace and serves as the president of GreenLight Women, an entertainment industry women’s alliance that advances diversity and bolsters women over forty. Elizabeth Benson Forer, CEO and Executive Director of Venice Family Clinic, lauds “Ivy for her relentless work to advance civil rights and promote equity for women and minorities – all values that we share at Venice Family Clinic,” and explains that the organization is “proud to salute her and celebrate the achievements of women advancing social justice in pursuit of women’s health
and safety.”

Russel Tyner was presented with The Irma Colen Leadership Award, and has been volunteering with Venice Family Clinic for over thirty years and has been on the Board of Directors for the organization since 1990. A professional architect, Tyner has married his philanthropic ambitions with his career knowledge of architecture, aiding Venice Family Clinic in the long-term planning and the design of innovative workspaces for their renowned clinical facilities. “Russel has been a true partner in the growth of Venice Family Clinic over the years. He has designed state-of-the-art clinics that have allowed us to provide high-quality health care in safe and welcoming spaces. We’re honored to celebrate his achievements with the Irma Colen Leadership Award,” said Elizabeth Forer, CEO and Executive Director of Venice Family Clinic.

Venice Family Clinic is laying the groundwork for the future of healthcare and it’s important to pay attention. The clinic is able to foster change in the medical world and benefit the lives of thousands of individuals in need and their incredible success can be used to create change in so many other ways.


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