I’m Painting the Bridge to Your Bliss

I want to give you pause, to give you wonder, to give you rest, to inspire.

I learned a long time ago I could calm my mind by looking at something rather than looking at nothing. Instead of closing my eyes I could have more rest, resting them on something that could relieve my mind. I didn’t realize that my early paintings of heaven would become the antidote for the unrested, over stimulated minds of men and women from Hilton Head to Manhattan. In the last year these wonderful people are putting these works in their bedrooms, their yoga studios and their massage centers. There’s a reason for that: my paintings are helping them to calm down, to meditate, to sleep.

You cannot do the tomorrow of your dreams without sleep, without good sleep. So come sleep with me, and by that I mean sleep with my art. Get yourself lost in the colors, in the calm waves that are such a reflection of the natural universe. Your best natural universe.

Does it look like a planet, a sea, the mountains, sound waves or a distant place? Or something else? It will be your place.

I named my orange large canvas “I Know This Place” after my friend first set eyes on her at Mana Contemporary. Nancy said calmly with a certain sense of wonder I know this place and she loved it. It was her place, and that calmed her down, and then re-energized her to thrive in a moment beyond the day. That’s how it works, That’s how it’s done and that’s one of arts many gifts to us.

“I Know This Place” 2015, Acrylic on Canvas by Camilla Webster at The Catherine Town House by Douglas Elliman

So tonight, if you plan to put your phone in another room to get better rest as Arianna Huffington suggests, you are going to want something to focus on. A peaceful image is an excellent first step on your way to rejuvenation.

Trying to meditate from an agitated state is hard. Does that resonate? So hyped up you are resistant to meditate? It seems frankly impossible? I once felt that way too. So I understand. Let my work be the bridge to that place. Watch my TED Talk, Art in Front of You and let’s begin our journey.

Originally published at medium.com