Haitian Canadian comedian Che Durena was born and raised in British Columbia and is based in Toronto after spending time performing standup in Mexico. He is best known for his viral TikToks.

In this article Che shares his best tips on avoiding burnout & staying motivated.

Biggest Distress Tips 

One of Che’s biggest distress tips he has picked up on was to never put too much on your plate at once. He mentions that one of the biggest mistakes he would make early on, and occasionally still will, is to say yes to everything. Durena expresses that you must learn what you should say no to so you don’t spread yourself too thin. His next tip is to stay healthy, as he knows all too well the difficulty between attempting to balance a crazy and calm life. Che states that he used to be a party animal and would still try to be on the grind, he claims it’s nearly impossible. He adds to this by including how once you start to eat well, sleep well, and exercise, the difference is drastic. Che then claims “you start to understand how some people are able to get so much work done because you have so much more energy and are generally happier.”

Avoiding Burnout 

Che has had his fair share of stressful days and experiences, so naturally he has come up with tips on how to help those times. One of these tips is to give yourself designated breaks, always take them as they can be very essential. Durena personally will have one day off a week where he does nothing that involves work. This includes no working out, no writing jokes, no gigs, no day job, nothing related to work. He strictly focuses on himself at that time in whatever way he sees fit. This has no doubt helped him out in many aspects of his health throughout his career. 

Main Tips For Successful Habits 

One of Durena’s main tips for successful habits is to stack your habits with something fun. An example he gave was that he always had a bad relationship with fitness, as it constantly felt like a chore to him. He never wanted to get up and take care of his body but once he started listening to his favorite podcasts only when he worked out, it allowed him to build a positive relationship with fitness. Che then suggests making your habits easy. He believes the worst thing you can do when making a new habit is to try and turn it into a massive task. He is confident that if it is a super easy task, you will do it. So that’s where you start, and build up from there. 


The fact that Che genuinely loves doing standup keeps him motivated no matter the situation. He feels lucky everytime he gets on stage, knowing he belongs up here. Durena often thinks about how he actually has a passion and how fortunate he is to have found it. Remaining thankful to the fact he is able to live out his dreams. 


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