The unknown is a very scary place. It’s filled with answers to questions you can’t yet see or hear. It’s filled with life-altering questions that have the ability to make a large impact on your life yet you don’t know what exactly they mean. It’s filled with meaningful next steps to your life, but you can’t find where the steps even begin. Nothing is more uncomfortable than working to be comfortable in and with the unknown.

In order to even begin to find your feet in this space, first look for ways to comfort yourself in the unknown. You don’t have to be comfortable just yet, but you should be trying to live comfortably in this moment. Try reminding yourself that the truth about this space that your’e currently in is that it has a plan for you. The answers are there, the steps are ahead of you and the meaningfulness you’ve been searching for is all there. But before you’re allowed to see them in completion, before you’re even allowed to see their shape, you must believe in their existence.

Sounds like a near impossible task I know, but it really isn’t. If and when something is right for you, you know it. You just KNOW it because you can feel it. You feel it circulating throughout your blood stream, you see synchronicity in life leading you towards it, you can feel, even taste the energy of what’s to come. And it all starts with whole-heartedly believing in it. You believe it’s possible to execute, you believe it’s possible to be that person or do that thing or go to that place. You must believe in what you don’t yet factually have proof of yet.

Once you believe, that’s when anything is possible. Once you KNOW it’s there, and there is no doubt in your bloodstream that it is as real as any tangible element, things start to happen. The shapes begin to form, the dream begins to actualize, the transformation of your dreams into a reality begins. And that is the real magic. You’ve made it, you’ve created it. It is now that you get to live your life your most authentic self.

A friend and old colleague of mind dreamt of a job that didn’t exist. She was newly pregnant and lost her day-job. Devastated that this company took away her opportunity for paid maternity leave, she was forced to find comfort in the unknown path ahead. Once she felt the calm with this force of nature that was pushing her into the unknown so quickly, she was able to see the light, see her true calling. She wasn’t passionate about where she had been, she was passionate about creating her own business. She’s since successfully opened a wonderful online boutique selling all of her creative endeavors and financially supporting her life and her newborn babe. She manifested her dreams into her career because she whole-heartedly accepted the discomfort in the unknown.

I have felt lost without inspiration and originality in my life many, many times. I know I can’t, won’t live a life of mediocracy because I know something better is out there for me. After a long, looong time of hearing words of inspiration from my mentors, of hearing job titles that couldn’t possibly be real job titles and then finding out they were real job titles, of trying to make myself passionate about something I just don’t care about, after executing pieces of my passion and tricking myself into believing it was my real passion, I had to choose: mediocracy or the unknown. I’m still getting comfortable in the unknown path ahead, but I’ll tell you this, as soon as I accepted that pushing past the fear was just a part of the process, as soon as I accepted the discomfort in the unknown space, the world became my oyster. It’s cleared me out, I can see my dream, I’m living pieces of my dream and manifesting my souls purpose, creating my own path. It’s still a search, and it will always be a search to better understand how the different pieces of my ever evolving dream fit together, but one thing I know for sure, I can taste it. My dream is there and I’m beyond excited about what the adventure has in store.

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