If you’re living in lockdown, perhaps time away from the home right now is precious and limited to a walk, essential shopping or other exercise in the big outdoors.  Maybe though your situation is more traditional – you spend the day in a workplace and come home to what should be your sanctuary – but is it?

Visualize what you’d love the most when you walk through the door into your home

Perhaps in your imagination you’re indulging in hot chocolate, pouring a glass of wine, slipping into a warm bath, curling up under a blanket or snuggling with someone you love?

Woman relaxing with hot chocolate

Yeah right! I’m hearing your shouts of anguish!  What about reality?

OK, I take your point, for many women that visualization is just a pipe dream and coming home means juggling the kids, cooking supper, doing the housework, balancing the relationship tightrope and maybe, if things work out, having ten minutes to yourself…

But still, that cosy, feel-good sensation is attainable and you are worthy of it, regardless of your situation or income bracket.  It doesn’t matter whether you just got home from an exhausting day at work or you’ve been squelching through mud, jumping in puddles and thrashing through piles of crunchy brown leaves…

Home is meant to be the safest, happiest place you know

So why is it that so many homes don’t feel welcoming or offer a delicious sanctuary to the people who live in them?

Tension at home

Why do families split off into different rooms rather than spend quality time together?

How many homes ring with angry words than roaring laughter and uncontrolled giggles?

What can make a beautifully designed space feel so bleak and unloved to the people who live there?

It mostly boils down to energy of the home and the way it feels to the people immersed within it.  Unhappy homes create grouchy, tense, stressed people, but when you stop noticing the discomfort, it becomes your normal.

Fix the energy of the home and possessions and you’ll fix the stress, release the tension and find the happy.  Easy!

What? Too simple?  Too trite?  I don’t know the half of what’s going on for you?

In more years than I care to remember, I’ve been there, done that and discarded a whole lot of t-shirts! Toxic relationships, step families, illness, stressful job situations, loneliness, financial  problems,  overwhelm…

What I learned over the last 25 years is that problems at home are often less to do with people and more about what’s holding or even trapping them in negative surroundings. People just respond to what’s around them – and you do too!

It’s the impact of possessions, memories, the angst which hangs on your walls, hides in your cupboards and seeps into your consciousness whenever you’re at home. 

Painting of woman with tears on her cheek

To be clear, this is so much more than dealing with clutter or organizing your sock drawer.

It’s not even adding the latest Feng Shui cure, or adding yet another self help book to your shelf.  I’m talking about changing the way you treat your home, think about your possessions and find the balance which supports you and the people you share home with so it really is the sanctuary you visualize coming back to at the end of a long day.

Nine fundamental truths* will help you determine whether your place is ‘home’ or simply somewhere you have to be

  1. The older you are, the more history you carry.
  2. Your history and experience influence your response to every situation.
  3. The debris you carry in the form of physical and emotional ‘stuff’ makes it difficult to create space for something new.
  4. Memories in the form of possessions encourage your subconscious to repeat old patterns in relationships, jobs and life in general; Different person or place – same experience.
  5. By using Interiors Therapy for your home, you gain clarity on what’s holding you back.
  6. Understanding how clutter and stuff impacts your life leads to a change in perspective.
  7. By clearing physically and emotionally using the principles of Interiors Therapy, you change your thinking.
  8. By consolidating Interiors Therapy, new positive energy can reach you.
  9. By choosing to take action, you have the option to create the lifestyle you want.

You can create a loving, welcoming, abundant and supportive home and lifestyle whenever you like.  All it takes is to know what you are looking for and deal with it.

Take this magnificent opportunity to open your eyes to what’s happening in YOUR home so you can fix the situation and move forward into a brighter 2021.

And have a great day!

*Extract from ‘Welcome Home, How Stuff Makes or Breaks your Relationship’ (Panoma Press)