In times of change and transformation, we need mental stability and to know our truth. You need to know who are, the real you, the authentic you beyond family and societal expectations. 

You can create this alignment, a protected mental space, in the strong form sacred space. Think of this sacred space as a temple or pyramid, that generates energy, keeps you in your power and truth, and helps you to connect deeply to your soul at all times. 

This sacred space gives you time alone to think about things, to cleanse your mind of anger and worry. 

Think of this pyramid with a base of 4 corners. One Sword marks each corner of her sacred space, to re-focus and renew her mental energies. 

Imagine a rainbow of 7 colors behind you as you sit in a meditative posture. This rainbow represents the chakras, or energy centers, of her body. 

All seven of them are housed in the spine and connect to the nervous system. 

To be able to clear out the chakras is a powerful psychic meditative skill, which helps to ground the you, and center the mind in positive thoughts.

When you’re not in balance, you can be too easily swayed by others or you are mentally ready to hold your own in a discussion of ideas and thoughts.

As you go through this process, you’re going to become aware of your deepest desires as well as your limitations and wounds.

When you do align – you do the inner work to heal and transform your inner wounds on the divine feminine and to come forward in your vulnerability, which is indeed your greatest strength.. something many of you haven´t dared to do for lifetimes, because of deeply imprinted memories of being silenced, condemned and punished for honoring the goddess in you.

When the divine feminine has been repressed, rejected and denied, it can also wound our inner child, as it was punished and condemned, when aligned with the divine feminine within… it was conditioned to not show its feelings, conditioned to believe feelings are not trustworthy and that anything that is not explainable and provable intellectually is not valid and non-sense.

By moving our focus from our heart into our head we lost access to our intuition and the womb wisdom, that is our innate connection to source and to our divine purpose as wisdom keepers and patrons of earth´s evolution.

By balancing the mind and emotion, we become whole and balanced beings, empowered co-creators.

False beliefs of the false self/ wounded self/ ego self

  • The feminine per se is guilty, less-than, not worthy, undeserving, unreliable and shameful.
  • Sexuality is only to be used for the purpose of procreation.
  • Sexuality is surrounded by much shame especially in regards to women.
  • Feelings are not to be trusted, only what is logical, material or visible is valid.
  • Intuition is not to be trusted and is misleading.
  • Women are nothing without a man and dependent on him.
  • The female gender is weak and lacking power and wisdom.

To attain balance within, you can heal these wounds and to clear your system of the false beliefs surrounding the divine feminine.

So I invite all those of male gender to feel into your divine feminine aspect within…

How does she feel like… does she feel radiant, empowered and honored and free to express herself…

Or does she feel inferior, unworthy and shameful… has she been silenced, has she been betrayed?

Spend some time with her and get to know her, her feelings… have you rejected her, disowned her or abandoned her?

True beliefs of the true self/ Higher self/ Soul self / Wise self

You have the freedom to express yourself fully is. The freedom to be yourself without judgement, to accept yourself and be celebrated for your authenticity and gifts.

  • I enjoy receiving the abundance of my feminine gifts
  • My creative and spiritual gifts are valuable
  • I am worthy of deserving of the good things in life
  • I feel worthy of joy, pleasure and happiness
  • I commit to pleasure and not willing to sacrifice myself to please other people
  • I’m committed to developing my own creativity and expressing my personal freedom and joy
  • I share my gifts with the world

Then it is time for you to invite her back into your life. She has so many gifts to share with you…. her wisdom, her intuition and psychic gifts… her nurturing compassionate heart and ability to surrender to the flow of creation.

When you open up to her and get to know her, she will share her visions, her guidance and wisdom with you. As you honor and embrace her, her energy will support you in every way.

Appreciate Your Soul Gifts

See yourself for more than your appearance, for more than what you do, for more than how much money you make.

See yourself – past your judgments, expectations, prejudice and family history, past shame and guilt.

See yourself – as a Sacred Being – as a Goddess. Believe in yourself. Give back to yourself.

Whenever you feel your soul’s gifts inside you, stay in your body and appreciate the feeling. It will deepen inside you and you allow that same gift to come up more frequently.

Love of self and love of another begin with the honoring of our Core Gifts. As we learn to do this, we begin to feel more certain of who we are and what we are meant to do in the world.

Allow a sense of awe for your gifts. Let them reveal to you the depth of their love, their need, their tenderness, and their hurt. In those moments, I feel like a witness more than anything else. Imagine standing in front of the vastness of the Mediterranean Sea.

Stand on the edge of its vastness and feel awe. Awe disappears when we chip away at ourselves for our imperfections.

It returns when we name our gifts and recognize their beauty Until we learn to name and cherish our Core Gifts, we will diffuse the very attributes which lead us to the kind of love we are seeking.

To honor our gifts is one of the most powerful acts of self-love. To ignore them is an act of betrayal to ourselves.

Feminine Practices:

So here are a few practices to help you cleanse, clear and ground.

  • Chanting the Adi Shakti Mantra or any sacred Mantra will cleanse your mind.
  • Gong baths and crystal quartz sound healing will also cleanse your upper chakras of imbalanced thoughts.
  • You can get clear by writing in a journal and expressing all of your thoughts good and bad so you’re not suppressing them.
  • Grounding exercises that help bring your body into balance include tin yoga. Soft, restorative poses that stretch you in gentle loving ways. I love Goddess Pose, Pigeon Pose and Lizard.
  • Doing tree pose every day also grounds you. Touching a tree or lining up your back to a tree will clear your nervous system and ground you. 

After doing 3 weeks to 3 months of these practices, you can gain the independence you need to feel protected, yet not feel lonely or abandoned. 

Sometimes, you need to get away from other people’s ideas of what you should do, and set boundaries around yourself.

Coming home to yourself is a wonderful feeling. You can accept yourself, all of yourself and not hide any part of you. 

When you come home to yourself after cleansing, clearing and grounding, you feel calmer and can go back into life with your mind made up, regardless of what others think. 


  • Zinnia Gupte

    Sacred Feminine Wisdom Teacher / Age of Aquarius teachings

    Zinnia is an inspirational author, sacred feminine wisdom teacher, speaker and retreat leader who helps women embrace their sacred feminine power. She is the best-selling author of Messages From Shakti, hosts the Shakti Power podcast on iTunes. Her courses and retreats are designed to help women rejuvenate and heal from corporate burn-out, stress and heartbreak. She is also the co-author of Inspiration For A Woman’s Soul: Cultivating Joy, Grace & Gratitude, Women of Midlife Wisdom 2, Unleash Your Magnificence. Her 7th book, "Breaking the Spell" will be in the world soon. Zinnia divides her time between New York City and Ibiza, Spain and hosts classes and retreats every year in Spain. Reach Zinnia at and receive your free self-love gift!