As the world is passing through  its most stringent times due to horrible Covid-19 and everybody is with uncertain future regarding health, life , prosperity ,economy ,jobs , business or almost in every way so showing ray of hope or instigating somebody to convince that there is still hope, is very difficult. In this scenario, the role and work of motivators, inspiration workers , doctors, mental therapists, psychiatrists , is much more demanding and  much more challenging.

As much has been said and advised regarding precautions to be  safe from virus and everyday knows advisories are being issued to keep public aware about , the following much needed steps are required to heal up the mental victims , economic victims ,unemployment, lay offs , and giant of overall disappointment:

  1. This time will  too pass

As the world came into being ,it faced  many disasters, fatal  epidemic sand disease s, deadly wars like first and second world wars, terrible floods, terrorist attacks, big building   and plane crashes but one thing is very much common, that time passed and this time will too pass.

After every incident , world arose up with new resolve and with new missions and big big encasements.

This time will too pass, and we are very much hopeful that good and pleasant time will again be in streets,  again doorbells will be ringing , again parks will be full, again schools will be full with laughter of kids and again stock exchanges will be full of rush.

  • Curb the panic

Perhaps covid-19 has not harmed humanity as much as its panic has deteriorated the mental health by victimizing the immune system . Panic worked like a unseen enemy and people hurled in streets without understanding its consequences and result is more chaos and more victimization.

The best thing is that corona is natural virus, it has ,of course its deadly effects , but without nature’s will it wouldn’t touch  anybody but precautions are  mandatory and everyone has to abide by.

  • Spread positive news

Sensitization of corona induced media news has painful affect on morals of everybody, why not media is spreading the news that recovered from covid-19 are much more than critical and deaths. This will bow healthy seeds among masses and freighted soul will be hopeful about life and colors of life.

Media houses and newspapers, tv channels, social media should first announce that today this much patients of corona disease have been recovered and discharged from hospitals .This good news will have multilateral affect on patients, masses, health workers and Governments as well.

  • Don’t unemply anybody

I think the news of lay off is second bad news after corona positive in anybody ,we understand that world economy is passing from its utmost worst but even worst is straight away laying off somebody while he/she is quarantined.

Employees are ever the best assets of any organization and no organization can be run without employees. Don’t multiply ,the already under stress employees in prisoner,s dilemma by sending a termination letter, rather it can be soft message that your job is secured but you are to shoulder us in this testing time and again we will be together as acute time passes away.

  • Sense of sharing

Human is divinely bestowed with a greatest feeling of ampathy , this sentiment leads him/her towards taking care of other fellow human beings.

So in this testing time when there ,a  gaint of problems swallowing resources, feelings, emotions ,passions and even haminity  can be compated with sense of sharing .Sharing foods is acutest need of time. As there is no work , no employment, no money , so at this time haves have responsibility to share all haves with have nots.

Think about the relatives, the neighbors, street fellows, the town fellows, and where ever your resources reach, keeping precautions reach where ever is your limit.

In nutshell , I will say good or bad time passes but human are remembered, few are remembered with lighted names in history like nightingale, Abdul sattar eidhi  and few with dark names in history  those who loot and get advantage in form of hoarding and profiteering .