It’s hard to escape the coronavirus news that the media is playing 24/7. As much as it’s important to stay healthy physically, it is as important to stay healthy mentally. As social beings, we get into a worrying state, when changes in our everyday circumstances go beyond the “norm”, especially when we sense and hear high levels of unpredictable change.

As human beings, every time we’re faced with setbacks, we’re gifted lessons that can strengthen us. We are wired to survive as humans and the fear we are creating by thinking of a circumstance that has not occurred yet is stressing us out and causing negativity. Social distancing is one of the highly effective measures the experts are asking us to take. Why is that so tough for us? The fear of this epidemic is intense because of the unknown and because of how fast this virus is and can spread. The only way we can stop this pandemic from getting worse is to stay away physically from others and let health care catch up.

Mother earth is begging for a break. Our earth has given us so much it’s our time to give back. We have a social responsibility to make sure we take all the steps that are needed to not create or feel fear but, to come together globally and synchronize as ONE BIG HUMAN FAMILY.

Here are a few things you can do to stop fear from overtaking you.



Breathing and our thoughts are connected. When you feel anxious or stressed out, do you notice how your breathing becomes rapid? If you pay attention to your breath you can easily reduce your thoughts by taking deep long breaths from the belly and releasing it from your mouth with a count of 4.

Be Mindful of your thought patterns

The busy mind

Our mind is good at creating an illusion of what “might” happen. Anytime you have a thought that will lead to fear stop yourself and replace it with a positive fact.

Reduce the number of Corona Virus conversations

I know it’s hard since everyone is talking about it, but if the conversation is not for education, informative or protection then opt out of it a soon as possible.

Limit News and Social Media

Social Media

Watch enough to stay informed and move on with your day. Take time to be outdoors and enjoy this beautiful weather and time with your loved ones. The urge to check our phones every two minutes will only put us on the edge.



My favorite de-stressing, de-stimulating activity. Meditation allows us to bypass thoughts and takes you to a place of stillness. It allows your brain and body to rest and recharge at the same time. In addition, stress hormones can reduce the effectiveness of our immune cells, through meditation we can reverse the stress response.

Lastly and most importantly stay positive. Let’s not give attention to the what-ifs and negative thoughts. Where attention goes, energy flows- so make sure you are giving attention to the right thoughts and that’s where your energy will go.