This will be the first content I am writing on this platform, I intend to write and communicate more to the outside world. I am sitting in my bedroom, in a low-lit environment, a typical setting to probe the ideas in my mind.

From past few years, I have been going through various difficulties in my life. The amount of effort I put in to solve these issues to bring back to a safe balance. Every single time, I face a new challenge; it feels as if my life is in a loop.

I believe the incidents taking place in our lives, serves a purpose. Yet most of us fail to understand them. It is a critical dilemma which we all experience at least once in our lives.

I am not proud of my writing skills but I working to build a better sense of communication. If I say the truth, I am a talker but I have been super shy talking in public.

I have always preferred to keep my opinions to myself, now I am looking forward to share them with the like-minded people. I understood this is a way of learning something new.

I took ages to know my self, to understand and visualize my desired life. The moment I understood it, found it, things became more challenging. Earlier when I was living with a clueless attitude, an entire world was a soft dream where I was just walking with no intentions. Things have changes, now I see a different ball game.

The time is here to build a world I prefer to experience. What pushed me to take initiative, I will share that answer too. Last month I got dismissed from my job for a petty reason of taking my stand. This entire episode shook me; I realized when authority is handled by an individual; they treat people as per their own ideas of right and wrong.

The feeling of power comes in various ways. A person with a lot of money is considered powerful. One who holds authoritative position or someone who has immense knowledge on a subject are valued for a certain sense of power. It can build an illusion of superiority in an individual, making them as an allowed to play with lives.

I have spent my entire existence feeling powerless, giving in to the demands of others, even if unreasonable they were. Even while writing now I get this feeling of powerlessness where I can bring a small change to make things better.

From the past one month, I have been questioning myself what is the need to follow the rules which other people made for their own convenience? Why I spent thinking to be like other people? The unknown can be a scary feeling, adventure as an idea is thrilling but not everyone is cut out to live it.I have lost my sleep, and when I fall asleep I get these weird dreams, which shows me all the things that I am thinking subconsciously. Yet, from here on I am letting go all my fears and do all the things I dreamt to do as a kid.

I have discovered certain things which keeps me sane and passionate in my life. Kickboxing, business & marketing, design, deep conversations and developing better education system are the few of the things I can count to be in absolute love with.

If you ask me now, how I plan to achieve my goals, then my response will be I don’t know. Yet I am taking smaller steps towards my goals one by one and achieve them.

So from here on, I will communicate more, sharing ideas and listening to others more. Find a community of people with similar ideas and put a genuine effort to bring a positive change to this world.I don’t believe in regrets, so it is better to give in all and get it.