When reaching out to your customers with your marketing pitch, your business must have a positive image if you want to attract and hold their attention, and to associate their ethics and values with your brand. For your business to be able to communicate said ethics and values, you can consider using animated explainer videos to share your organization’s dedication and commitment to social responsibility in a way that is fun, engaging, and effective.

Top businesses promote their ethical standing either as a marketing ploy and to share their management’s values when they might be questioned. Since society has become more expectant of companies and more selective in their choices, businesses need to respond to this to gain a positive image. For example, more and more cosmetic companies proudly advertise that they do not test their products on animals.

Animated videos, since they are more psychologically appealing, make an excellent choice for a business’ content marketing strategy, and can allow viewers to connect emotionally to their message. In comparison with regular, live-action videos, the animation is more fun and exciting. According to a London voiceover agency, voiceovers humanize your brand and bring a sense of trust among viewers.

Another great thing is that they’re cost-effective and perfect for when you’re on a tight budget to work with, and can a cheaper alternative to live-action videos. Additionally, all of the problems and issues that you would face when you want to create live videos, such as finding suitable locations and the right people, are easily rectified as soon as you decide to employ animation in your marketing strategy.

It’s time to get innovative.

Do you have a plan for standing up against your company’s competition? When your competitors are targeting your customers and dazzling them, your business can opt for the versatile and captivating tool that is animated video. Animated videos are the perfect instruments for showing your company’s understanding and consideration for their customers and the environment around them.

Here are the four benefits your company can get from using animated video to show your target audience how much you care:

It puts your viewers at ease

With animation, you can catch your audience’s eye, and share your company’s message and ideas clearly, while putting the viewer at ease so that they are open to what you want to say. It can be quite challenging at first to get your marketing content and brand noticed in the beginning, but with some time and patience, you will see results. To get past any audience barrier, whether due to high selection criteria on the crowded web or to the cynicism of companies in your market, using an animated explainer video can help you to present your business’s true commitment to social responsibility.

Who doesn’t like a good cartoon? With animation, you can make an impact right from the very beginning, since people are generally entertained by cartoons. If your animated video looks innovative, with an inspiring title and summary, people will be tempted to keep watching.

It can boost your SEO

As a business that demonstrates great concern for the world around it, you are surely feeling proud. Well, by displaying this in an animated video, you could even get a bonus of improved ranking in search engine results! Great news, huh?

Having a high rank in search engines is no longer just about how many visits a site has attracted, but the quality of the content on that page, and how long visitors spend on the site. Comments and links can also raise it higher.

Multimedia content on its own can improve a website’s ranking, but when it engages viewers and gains positive feedback, this is where the greatest returns come in.

Animated explainer videos are a powerful tool in communicating your social responsibility message clearly and effectively, in a way that jumps out on the web. If you look around, you will see that businesses from every market are taking up this opportunity to tell potential customers what they stand for.

It enhances your Brand Image and Web Presence

With animation, your video can instill trust and respect in your brand from viewers, which can benefit your company well into the future. Plus, if a video is well-made, it can significantly enhance your brand’s image, which has the potential to be spread across the web via comments, links, reactions, and sharing of the video.

Don’t forget that the type of video you create will have implications on how it would be shared online. Thus, you must integrate all of your business’s most important values and morals with your brand identity and the audience you seek to attract. And of course, your actions must back up what you are trying to project in your video.

Show values as constant

You can use animated videos to convey your company as one of the authorities in your market, along with reiterating your sense of social responsibility towards the public. Remember, your choice of concept for your explainer video will also impact on how your business is perceived. Choose a story that demonstrates that you understand your customer, and respect the wider society and environment to engage them further. Alas, the principles and standards you want to express should not be pointed out just briefly in your content. Your actions to be responsible are best shown as a part of your business’s culture.

You can use animated characters and a particular style of animation to express your company’s social message. Also, the thumbnail image you select for your video can make all the difference to viewer ratings.

It’s crucial to your business’ success to become familiar with your market and to be able to identify the lifestyles and characteristics of your target audience, and to have a clear definition of your desired brand image and values. Hence, if you decide to employ animated videos in your marketing arsenal, you’re much more likely to come out on top.