Community: a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.

Connection: the feeling that we are part of something bigger which can help give meaning to our lives

Humans aren’t meant to be alone all the time: connecting as part of a meaningful community is important for our mental well-being. 

Benefits include:

1. Developing a stronger sense of self and boost to our self-esteem

2. Finding others with the same values reinforces that we are not alone and makes us feel valued. 

3. Helps us cope with negative feelings and emotions

Nowadays, we are more “connected” than ever. Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, you name it. Most people have their phones constantly in their hands, virtually interacting with people at all times of the day. We tend to spend more and more time connecting online, while less and less time is spent connecting in person. There’s a big difference between calling someone and hearing their voice and texting them. There’s a big difference between “liking” someone’s post and having a deep conversation with them about the “why” behind that post. There’s a big difference between FaceTiming with others and sharing a meal together. Really connecting with other like-minded individuals gives us a safe container to explore different parts of our story. Having a community in which we can show up as ourselves is priceless.

How are you investing in your community and making connections with like minded folks? How are you inspiring, empowering and motivating others to be the best version of themselves? It might mean venturing out to your local farmers market and talking to vendors. It might mean going to a pottery class and chatting with your teacher. It might mean getting off your phone and going outside to talk to your neighbors. I for one am on a mission to leave my cocoon and make a connection with my community. It’s about time, don’t you think?


  • Camille Sacco


    Camille Sacco is a Product Support Specialist for Chase Card Services, as well as a Certified Meditation Instructor, Mindfulness Advocate and Author of two Self Help books: "Hippiebanker: Bringing Peace, Love and Spirituality to the Workplace" and “Firefly Culture: Illuminate Your Workplace by Tuning in to Mindfulness." She leads fun and informative mindful and spiritual meditation classes, as well as crystal bowl sound baths in Central Florida. Her goal is to help people tap into the wisdom of their soul by cultivating daily practices that will inspire confidence in the pursuit of living their lives with a higher purpose. Visit Camille on her website here: