Well, where to begin,.. maybe the perfect beginning for this story is the awakening moment of small group of people which led to massive community outreach and significant improvement of the quality of life as the direct consequence of the community efforts. 

Don’t get me wrong, our local municipality government did their job, it’s just there were many aspects of life that were being ignored by gov. bodies… So we took the things into our own hands to make living significantly better. 

Do you know, that if you activate your nearest community, you can live a more healthier, safer and secured life? We started organizing locally in first to solve the problem for working mothers, and the fact that there aren’t enough kindergarten capacities in our town. Several groups joined forces and suddenly the town had to offer multiple secure and safe places for mothers to leave their children when they have to work. And we didn’t stopped there, we figured, why mothers have to leave their children for so long, and wouldn’t it be great if we could create a solution to tackle this issue, and allow more quality time to be spent within family… 

So, community created a solution called Public Pastry. Couple of individuals donated the machines, other let us use their facility, and all together as a well-organized community collected some initial venture capital for raw start. 

We started kind of a bakery with the unique possibilities for the local moms and dads who are having kinds and have to be with those kids – can choose working hours in accordance with their private needs, and more over, all of the community and all the workers in this local joint venture bakery are participating in the company profits!

Later on, as the business rocketed, more indiivduals showed up and offered parts of their land as the resource input potential for increasing bakery product portfolio. So the bakery started offering organic specialites as well. In the following years, we tackled not only the problem of single moms and dads who had to make their way thru, but also we have created new jobs for the students, even just local people who needed work in their hard times.

This pilot project fulled other projects to come in time, such as public safety projects we initialized and realized with local authorities, such as for example video surveillance as a service, for better safety of our citizens and the community it self.

Today, we have a situation where from multiple community-based projects we have our own revenue stream, which is being used for constant improvement of life and the quality of living – for all citizens of our town. We finance what community considers it’s important and relevant. And it seemed then as it seems now, that the playgrounds for the kids, available time for the partners to spend with their kids, and the safe environment remained top priorities for our community. 

At the end, when we look back, this idea was looking pretty silly at it’s very beginning, and some may even say ridiculous, but today after massive outreach our community has showned the path to the other communities in the surrounding cities, which way to go if they want live a better, fulfilled life. 

This article was initially published on one of our informative portals for public safety: video nadzor – https://videonadzor.net.