On one of the writers’ portals I write on, a fellow writer requested all fellow writers to answer a simple question for him — “How can I feel and show more compassion towards others? And, how we, as a society, could create a more empathetic and compassionate world?”

I was instantly charmed by the inquisitive piece and intrigued by his innocent request. We live in a world that is constantly under the threats of terrorism. Intolerance pervades the streets. To have someone ask then the secret to compassion and empathy seemed to me the most pertinent question of our times.

So, here is a little bit about compassion that I told him and I want to share with the rest of you as well. For me, compassion begins with one’s own heart. It is the seat of all the love in the world.

For feeling compassion, no secret recipe or formula is needed. It is a very organic process. One simply needs to learn to be at peace with one’s own self. Agreed, circumstances take their toll on most souls that tread the earth. And yet, whether you find it inane or ingenious, inner peace is the one and only secret that can create world peace. For peace, begins with self.

Once we find inner peace, our perspective changes. We look at this world through a lens that is unbiased and compassionate, even loving. It’s that necessary tool which helps you find an instant connect with others and their problems. It is the force that will then prod you to take steps that can benefit the world around you.

As soon as you start feeling the love as well as taking steps to help others, you start feeling the connect with the collective consciousness; and thus, you automatically become more compassionate. This compassion will then reflect in your daily lives and your interaction with all things animate or even inanimate.

Personally, I believe that it’s not the people who are bad or are terrorists or war-mongers; it’s the loss or displacement of their internal peace. This world can be a great place to live in if people adopt compassion in their own lives; and inner peace is their tool to nurture compassion within.

Changing everyone around us is daunting, and perhaps not possible. However, the change in even one person can be the reason for a revolution in this world.

So, make peace with yourself. Compassion will flow, creating a better world.

Originally published at medium.com