You know what is that habit that suck out happiness from our lives?

It is to complain.

Complain about things that we want to change. But that doesn’t work.

Complaining of things that you want to change won’t ever make it change.

Like you want your parents to spend some more money on you. Or if you want your boss to change your salary.

Going to them and complaining that please do this. Won’t ever make them do it. Rather it will give a spark to the argument that is not going to take you anywhere.

So it’s better to not to spoil two people’s mood just for the sake of your relief. That complaining will make them change.

They will do what they are doing for a decade.

Rather do something that will make them change their habit. Do something that will allow them to change from the state they were to the state you want them to be.

Or adjust with the lack.

There is no other way you can live a content full life if you go on complaining to people about your wants.

Give them the freedom to do what they want to do for you.

And whatever you want in life, achieve that by yourself. And if you can’t then you don’t have the right to ask them for anything.

You don’t have the right to make them do it for you when you aren’t able to do it for yourself.

That’s what I wanna say.

Complaining just sucks out the happiness from our lives.

It asks us to change people when we know they won’t.

How many times we complain to people that they have a very bad habit or they should change them. We expect them to mold into a person we want them to be. And don’t see the fact that they have molded themselves into this person with the passage of time.

We complain too much of things we wanna have. But never see what we are doing to get those things. If you aren’t doing anything about it then you don’t have the right to complain.

Either do something about it or adjust with what is been given to you. If it is about things you wanna have or people whom you think should change. If you don’t have the courage to change it then you shouldn’t ask them to change.

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