As each day passes in this new Twilight Zone we have all been forced to adapt to, it’s imperative that we keep our spirits up, spread positivity, and be good role models to each other as we muddle through this surreal scenario brought on by COVID-19. Depression and despair are lurking around the corner. We have to fight the urge to give up and crumple in a heap like a discarded rag doll. Yes, it’s been hard. Yes, it’s difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Yes, financial hardships are all too real for millions of Americans, and yes, being cooped up 24/7 with your loved ones is threatening to undermine the very term “loved ones”, if it hasn’t already translated it into a different expression. The frustration is palpable, but we can control and manage how we react to it.

That starts with an attitude of gratitude. Wake up each day and be thankful for what we have, not what we don’t have. Complain less and smile more. Be resourceful and resilient and help others through this by setting a good example. Use your time productively and wisely, and engage your talents wherever possible. We all have unique skills and abilities to offer the world. Now is the time to put them to work.

As we all struggle with the “new normal” of trying to live our lives as “normally” as possible while sequestered in place, it’s important to follow the guidelines our health experts have put into place. Staying home and adhering to the recommendations they have published is not only prudent, but necessary to stem the tide of new cases and get us on the right track to recovery. The facts and science bear that out.

In keeping with that line of thinking, I offer my own personal Public Service Announcement that I have put into a song – “Comply with Me”: [youtube]

I hope you will join me. Stay safe and healthy. Hope to see you on the other side of this pandemic.