That’s not a printing error. It describes a process. The process begins with awareness that something that really matters to you is wrong. The awareness leads to learning and acquiring accurate information about the wrong.

Information gathering reveals that you are not alone. In fact, a virtual revolution in public awareness and consciousness-raising is going on! Finding one of the like-minded groups focused on the same problem turns out to be very easy: speaking to friends and neighbors, noticing groups that have formed in my community, checking out the topic on Google – all yield the necessary info.

I enlist in the struggle to fight, reform, improve, fix, cure, oust . . . . . (Fill in the blank.) 

My activism is part of the revolution. I love being a Revolutionary!

Eventually, I realize that what has happened for me is more than being part of the revolution. It has triggered my own evolution. While I have been doing my small part to fix a problem, I have been learning about myself, too.

I’ve learned that I have something, maybe a lot, to give that is outside of myself. I’ve felt the security and strength of community. I’ve learned new skills and revived some old ones. I’ve felt the strength that comes from confronting what is most wrong.

On the other hand, I’ve kept evolving and learned how to see the other side of any argument, to really listen, to know when my enthusiasm is falling on deaf ears, to see how compromise works, to “read” my audience of one or more, to keep my mind open for more growth and development. I’m evolving all the time.

I love being a rEvolutionary!