While my husband is gone, I decided to tap into my inner Superwoman persona — I assembled a bookcase, a shoe rack, a metal bath tier rack that I decided to put in the sun room and use for my plants… and then I got to the curio.

One of my father-in-law’s doctor colleagues bought us a curio cabinet from our wedding registry. It’s very lovely (and solid wood). Danny didn’t assemble it before he left for Texas, but it was starting to nag me just leaning up against the wall, still in its humongous box, so I decided to assemble it. Over three hours later, I gave up and decided to wait for my husband to come home and fix it instead. I did get most of it done, but the doors require two people to help assemble; I also put two of the shelves in the wrong way, wasn’t able to tighten some of the screws, and some of the screws went in crooked instead of straight, and the edge of the glass chipped a bit on one of the sides — it’s not noticeable, but I noticed it because I assembled it, but it’s so superficial that I’m not even going to contact the manufacturer for a replacement part. At around 11:30p.m. I gave up and put the doors in the closet so they’ll be out of the way and safe from damage.

My dining set will arrive on Monday, and we got a Samsung washer and dryer (hooray!) that plays a musical tune when it’s finished; my new vacuum also shipped. Now we just need a living room set… and something for the sunroom, which I decided to make into my “sewing room” (mostly for my crafts and crocheting). I think my husband is so wonderful to basically let me have all the say in the home space, he’s definitely very accommodating.

I am upset that we forgot my kitchen utensils in one of my drawers while we were packing, and they were accidentally left behind. Very upsetting since they aren’t even a year old yet and because I can’t cook without them! I hate having to buy a new set especially since that one was over $50.

We got mostly money from our guests at our wedding, but some bought us things from our registry. (I am still waiting for my flatware to ship, those will be my fancy flatware… it’ll go with my fancy plates that I’ll use only during the holidays, ha!) Since I don’t have any of my cooking utensils, we have been eating out every day (or eating Cup O’Noodles… it’s like college all over again), so I have not been grocery shopping, and am a bit depress waiting for the furniture because of all the empty space.

My anxiety went through the roof on Saturday and I spent most of the day crying. I was very emotional and thought perhaps I was ovulating. My baby app predicted this week to be my fertile week, so we shall see in two weeks whether or not the stork is bringing us a baby!

Somehow, being a housewife gives me more anxiety than as a career-woman. I am anxious to go back to work, even as a substitute teacher.