Candida Cleanser has started working on my system. I am on Day 5 of the cleanse. For the first few days, I was like, I got this. Then on days 3 & 4, the sugar cravings started… I wanted gummy worms! Nothing else sounded good.

I tried eating a few raspberries. Nope, I still needed gummy a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g-s! Instead, I talked myself through it. “Just observe the thought, Megan. My body — well the candida in my body — wants gummy worms. Observe that.” I told myself, if I can quit drugs and alcohol, I can quit sugar.

It’s ok to want sugar and do nothing about it.

Yesterday, I went to the FedEx store to drop off early Christmas packages, and the candy canes on the counter called my name. Later on, my daughter and I go to Whole Foods, she buys a mini chocolate cake with frosting. When we get home, I smell it, letting the whiff of yumminess be enough. She proceeds to eat the whole piece in front of me telling me “I’m proud of you mama,” with frosting in her teeth.

I glower and make my version of Paleo Cave Shakes with coconut cream, coconut oil, vanilla extract, raw cacao, collagen protein and monk fruit sweetener. It’s not quite the same as cake, but it satisfies the craving. I eat so much of it, my belly pops out over my jeans. It doesn’t take much to get it to that these days.

“Help me make some peanut butter cups!” I tell her and we get out the mixing bowl and whisk together grass-fed butter, coconut oil, peanut butter, raw cocoa and xylitol into a concoction to put it into the freezer. As we are making it, she sticks her little fingers in the mix every few minutes to test the flavor, telling me to add more sweetener.

It’s amazing that just a few days ago, I couldn’t go one day without sugar, and now I am having these sweet little bonding moments with my daughter making alternative desserts. It’s the difference between a drive-through meal and an organic homemade recipe. There’s a quality of life that comes along with both options.

“It’s simple, if it jiggles, it’s fat.” — Arnold Schwartzenegger

Lately, I am walking around in a body that doesn’t quite feel like me. It’s heavy. It’s an effort to get up or bend over and when I look in the mirror all I see is this chubby woman looking back at me, confused. How did you let this happen?

My figure is gone. My reflection more resembles a sack of potatoes.

I let this get out of control. By eating donuts and coffee cakes for breakfast, gummy worms after work, or even frozen yogurt with chocolate chips, so now I have to pay with some diligence. Gone are the french fries and sandwiches too, along with the notion I don’t have to mind my carbs.

After slacking off hardcore you have to get a little edge with yourself to get back into alignment. A Bulletproof or Ketogenic Diet plan which is essentially: tons of veggies (no nightshades or starchy ones), clean meats, high-quality fats, some limited nuts and tons of homemade chicken broth is the right path for me. I’ve tried to eat Bulletproof before but was unsuccessful because I couldn’t stay off sugar.

How did all of this happen? How did my cravings get so out of control?

The simple answer is: Candida or an overgrowth of yeast in the system caused by Leaky Gut.

The intention of this cleanse is to rid my body of nasty candida buggers — since they are actually trying to eat or decompose the body prematurely.

The fungal form of candida go through various phases and when they transform they shoot these filaments out that penetrate through your tissues to form colonies. They are forming a web to try to digest you while you are still alive. This is no freakin’ joke.

This specific brand, Candida Cleanser, is the only company I know of that has the science to actually penetrate through the hard outer shell of the bugs exoskeleton to kill them. This is a huge game changer. No other cleanse does this so well.

Some of the die off symptoms I’ve noticed, so far, are: headaches and spaciness. I walk into the kitchen and stare into the cupboard with no idea why I came in there! Brain fog is definitely a symptom of candida and things can get worse, before they get better, while cleansing.

When you are eating foods that irritate the gut lining, such as gluten and sugar, microscopic tears are created by the candida which then leaks into your bloodstream. Think of it like a scab on the inside; if you keep eating foods that irritate it then it can’t heal.

The excretion of the candida leaking into your system makes you fat, bloated and sick in a plethora of different ways.

“Hyperpermeable Intestines” is the medical term used when the intestinal lining has become more porous, with holes developing that are increasingly larger in size with the screening out process no longer functioning properly. The result is bigger chunks of undigested food molecules and other “bad stuff” (yeast, toxins, and all other forms of waste) your body normally doesn’t allow through to flow freely throughout the body. This can’t be good.

Your body goes into an initial freak out with these foreign entities. First, your liver has to work overtime to try to screen out all the particles that your intestinal lining was supposed to take care of. The liver has no chance of keeping up, and other pathogens start accumulating in your body.

Then the immune system comes into play, and it goes into full battle mode to fight the evil intruders! Usually, the body cannot keep up which is when you get sick and your system is in full on stress out mode.

Let’s talk about the bone broth. Glutamine is one of the main ingredients in the bone broth and is the best thing to seal up this leaky gut! It is the most important nutrient used by small intestinal cells. By consuming glutamine, your intestinal cells get the nutrients they need to be healthy and to block pathogens from entering your body.

When you cook the bone broth yourself, something happens in that process. Suddenly, you are the good witch of your own health cackling over this delicious medicine. You have taken control.

When the bones are cooked, the Collagen is broken down and turns into gelatin — the same stuff you use to make jello, but we are using clean, organic, free range chicken backs. Gelatin is healing for the intestinal lining because it supports the mucus that protects your intestinal cells. Without this mucus, your intestinal lining is left vulnerable to the unhealthy bacteria. Gelatin also decreases inflammation, allowing your intestinal cells to heal.

“Nothing tastes as good as looking good feels.” — Tony Robbins

Gelatin once absorbed can be used throughout the body for hair, skin, and nails — so you can see how this all interplays and how when you get one organ functioning properly it supports the rest of the body, true to the holistic process.

This is the beauty of holistic health. When you start winning in one arena, you start winning in all of them. Personally, I want to be healthy and thin and beautiful from within. I want to feel great and look good.

I’m excited to see what I look like at the end of 45 days. Having followed a ketogenic diet perfectly so far, my plan is to continue steadfastly.

Sugar is similar to alcohol, which is ever present in our society. Because I can now look at alcohol and say “that’s just not for me,” I can do the same with sugar. I see a glass of wine and don’t want it. I look forward to doing the same with all of my favorite sugary treats.

I know this cleanse is only 45 days, but I am looking forward to a lifetime of change.

Sugar is also like alcohol in the sense that if you keep consuming it in excess, things are going to get worse and worse, your health will continue to deteriorate. If you make the conscious choice to shift, life can continually become sweeter in its own way: with increased clarity and energy and a wellness regimen you can continue to refine.

There’s nothing quite as intense as a moment of clarity when you suddenly see what’s possible for you.” — Christine Kane

It’s only 5 days, but it’s a beginning. Hang in here with me and let’s see what happens.

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