1. The Most terrible enemy is not strong in the faith.

2. Honesty is part of the eloquence; we are convinced because we are passionate and since. – William Khalid

3. A person can succeed in almost anything where he has unlimited enthusiasm. – Charles Scott Cooper

4. People who have firm beliefs are invincible. – Betty

5. We should have perseverance, especially with self-confidence, we must believe that we are capable, and we must use this ability at any cost. – Bobinska

6. Be confident and go all out – if you have this idea, everything will be successful. – Wilson

7. The quickest and most sure way to conquer fear and build confidence is to do what you fear until you gain a successful experience.

8. Faith! People with faith can withstand any storm. – Ovid

9. In real life, every great cause has confidence to begin and take the first step out of confidence. – August von Schlegel

10. Lack of confidence is not due to difficulties, but difficulties arise because of lack of confidence. – Seneca

11. The Most important thing in life is to have a lofty goal and to use it to achieve it. – John Wolfgang von Goethe

12. We should have perseverance, especially self-confidence. – Madame Curie

13. Only those who are full of self-confidence can have confidence everywhere, immerse themselves in life, and recognize their own will. – Gorky

14. Self-esteem is not light, self-confidence is not complacent & independence is not isolated. – Xu Teli

15. Faith is the master of destiny. – Helen Keller

16. I only have one advice for you is be your own master. – Napoleon

17. Many people are not enough to rely on, to survive only on their own. – Napoleon

18. People must have the capacity for self-confidence. When the right and wrong are determined from their own conscience, it is not right for everyone to behave. – Zhang Taiyan

19. Columbus discovered a world, but did not use the chart, he used the “confidence” in the sky to dispel doubts. – Santayana

20. In addition to personality, the biggest loss in life is the loss of self-confidence. – Persin

21. There is a difference between self-confidence and self-confidence, but the difference between the words is a world of difference. I especially hope that I can be confident and not be conceited. – Guo Fansheng

22. I believe it is powerful. Suspicion only inhibits ability, but faith is power. – Fredrik Roberson

23. Whether or not a person has an achievement depends only on whether he has two conditions of self-esteem and self-confidence. – Socrates

24. Wearing only a pair of broken shoes and broken clothes a year is also the most confident and proud person in the world! Never be inferior to material poverty! Spiritual poverty is the most terrible! Li Yang

25. First of all, it takes confidence to take on important tasks.

26. To produce a belief is to pay a high price. Ben Johnson

27. We must be careful and confident in every single thing we do. – Biktander

28. Everyone should have self-esteem, self-confidence, independence, or else be a slave. But self-esteem is not light, self-confidence is not. – Xu Teli

29. Self-confidence and self-reliance are strong pillars.

30. Confidence is the first secret to success. Emerson

31. The only obstacle to tomorrow is suspicion of today.

32. The best way to make yourself strong enough and increase your self-confidence is to take the courage to do things that you think are unsure. Roland

33. Those who can win will become the winners on the battlefield. Higginsson

34. Confidence can break through pockets.

35. It is only possible for a person with a broad chest to be smart in his mind; a person with self-confidence and strength is likely to be smart on the outside.

36. The spirit of lofty ideals should not be arrogant. — Zhuge Liang

37. Humor is a sign that workers have confidence in their careers and show that they have an advantage. — Engels

38. Deeply glimpse your own heart and discover that all the miracles are in you. – Bacon

39. Only faith makes happiness true. – Montaigne

40. Strong beliefs will win strong people and then make them stronger. ——Watt Beckieho

41. Born my material will be useful. – Li Bai

42. In real life, every great cause begins with confidence and takes the first step out of faith. – August von Schlage

43. People who have confidence can turn smallness into greatness and turn mediocrity into magic. – Shaw

44. The conditions for success are courage and self-confidence. Courage and self-confidence come from sound thinking and healthy bodies. – Coron

45. Confidence in social networking is more important than wit. – La Rochefoucco

46. ​​Rather than proudly guarding their beliefs, they can only follow the trend. – Chaucer

47. Confidence and pride are different; self-confidence is often calm, and pride often rises. – Liang Qichao

48. Everyone should have self-esteem, self-confidence, independence, or else be a slave. – Xu Teli

49. Labor makes people establish their own intellectual intelligence. – Gorky

50. Self-reliance, can not follow people’s footprints, learn people speech. – Lu Jiuyuan

51. Knowing the wisdom of people, knowing who they are. – The old man “Laozi”

52. Fate is in your own hands and everything can only be done by yourself.

53. Igniters are more confident than those who know. Only ignorants will assert with confidence that science can never solve any problem. – Darwin

54. A person dares to expose his weaknesses, on behalf of him confident and powerful. — Zhou Zheng

55. If a person lacks self-confidence, he or she will easily become suspicious of the environment.

56. Clean up the development process of ancient culture and eliminate Sri Lanka’s dregs on feudalism. Absorb the essence of democracy and develop the nation. – Mao Zedong

57. Many people have nothing to accomplish because they have underestimated their own capabilities and are so arrogant that they have reduced their own achievements.

58. When you look back at the sadness , you will learn to look around, confidently looking up.

59. Please be confident. You are a landscape, there is no need to look up in others’ landscapes. – Master Ke

60. Those who have made great achievements in ancient times are not unique to the world, but they must also have aspirations for perseverance. – Su Shi

61. Our confidence in ourselves will enable others to sprout the green buds of our faith. – La Rochefoucco

62. Confidence is the first secret to success. Emerson

63. To do what you fear, afraid of nature will disappear. – Rove Waldo Emerson

64. Once a person’s strong desire arises, it will quickly turn into a belief. – Love Younger

65. The lack of a self-confidence spirit often leads to some budding geniuses who are struggling to self-defense. – Shu Zhuo

66. One hundred people full of confidence and determination are much stronger than 10,000 who are cautious, respectable, and respectable. – Sinclair

67. Those who failed to try to do something were better than those who did not try to succeed. – Louis Hammers

68. There is a sense of self-confidence and calm under the constraints of reason. This is because he has a broad mind and lofty ambition. – Yu Dan

69. Life as a person, death is also a ghost, so far thought Xiang Yu, refused to cross Jiangdong. – Li Qingzhao

70. Would rather break the bones, can not give up faith. –Mongolia

71. Action may not necessarily bring happiness; but there is no pleasure without action. – Benjamin Disraeli

72. If you do not have confidence, you will never be happy. – La Rochefko

73. Fortunately, it is a great teacher, but unfortunately it is even greater. Possessing indulgent thoughts and lacking skills can train and strengthen thoughts. – William Khalid

74. People who have self-confidence can transform smallness into greatness and turn mediocrity into magic. – Shaw

75. The birth of each genius must be a product of enthusiasm. – Benjamin Disraeli

76. Value produces confidence. Confidence generates enthusiasm. Enthusiasm conquers the world. – Walter H. Kotting

77. Lack of self-confidence is often the main reason for weakness and unsuccessful careers.

78. The height of the fountain will not exceed its source; one’s achievement will not exceed his belief.

79. Whoever shakes confidence in the midst, who is weak in the will; who lacks flexibility after making up his mind, whoever is a fool. – Knowles

80. Confidence can move mountains.

81. Born of my heart useful. – Li Bai

82. Believe in yourself first, then others will believe you. – Roman Roland

83. Any point on earth is as far away from the sun. – Burton

84. In addition to knowledge and learning, there is no other power in the world that can be in people’s minds and minds. – Bacon

85. Everything in this world is accomplished by hope. The farmer will not sow a corn if he does not want it to grow into seeds. – Martin Luther

86. Be confident and go all out. If you have this idea, everything will be successful. – Wilson

87. If you don’t have confidence, it’s really bad! If you do not believe in yourself or doubt yourself, then it is no worse. – Chekhov

88. Skills and confidence are invincible.

89. The inventor relies on an incredible confidence to support and courage to move forward in the unknown world.

90. Always have confidence in everything, always thinking of “walk.” If you do one thing and you are worried about not being afraid of yourself, then you have no courage.

91. In any case, “gossip” can never scare me. – Lu Xun

92. The inventor relies on an incredible confidence to support his courage to move forward in the unknown world. – Balzac

93. Only those who are confident can confidently immerse themselves in life and achieve their own will. – Gorky

94. Self-confidence is a person’s courage, with this courage, you will be invincible!

95. Self-confidence is a pillar. It can hold up the spirit of the vast sky. Confidence is a piece of sunshine that can dispel the shadows of the lost.

96. Confidence is more important than genius.

97. It’s better for you to take advantage of yourself. (Hey, rely on.) – Pre-Qin “Han Feizi Foreign Reserve said right down”

98. A person cannot give others confidence unless he has confidence. Convincing people can only convince others. – Mathew Arnold

99. Any point on earth is too far away from the sun. – Burton

100. I have no people, but the students are in parallel, no one can speak to people. – Sima Guang

101. The higher the status, the higher the self-evaluation, the stronger self-confidence, and the more ability. We can always show harmony and equality with the environment. – Hertzlite

102. Self-confidence This is a good thing, but if you are overly confident, you will not be able to… If you are too confident, you will have great failures waiting.

103. We love our people. This is the source of our self-confidence. – Zhou Enlai

104. Faith is the conscience of the soul. – Han Ward

105. Self-confidence is the essence of a hero. Emerson

106. Each person’s spirit has several pillars of affection for parents, for faith, for ideals, for friends and love. — Liu Qing

107. Our confidence in ourselves will enable others to sprout the green buds of our faith. – Raoul Fugu

108. I believe in my own thoughts. I believe that the things I look for in my heart must also be suitable for others. This is genius. Emerson

109. Confidence comes from cautious love. – Biktander

110. Bravery is the path between self-confidence and fear. – Aristotle

111. Belief, you can’t do it, but you can’t do anything without it. –Samuel Butler

112. The main component of faith is patience. – Joe McDonald

113. In any industry, the first step toward success is to become interested in it. – Sir William Osler

114. People who lose money lose very little, people who lose health lose a lot, and those who lose courage lose everything. Our fear. – Seniga

115. The greatest help for us is not the practical help of our friends, but our conviction that we have received their help. – Epicurean

116. The word “impossible” can only be found in the fool’s dictionary. – Napoleon

117. It is my faith that it will enable me to float in the mud of life without causing pollution. – Dante

118. The longer I live, the more determined enthusiasm is the most important of all characteristics or qualities. Usually, a winner and a loser. – Lick Williamson

119. A non-genius who plays a leading role cannot. However, genius lies in self-confidence and lies in its own strength. – Gorky

120. Confident people do not suspect, people also believe it. The skeptics are unbelieving and people are also suspicious. – “The Code of History”

121. People with low self-esteem are always burying themselves in low self-esteem. Remember that you are the only one in the world.

122. Faith is the conqueror of man; it conquers people, and it resides in people’s hearts. – Ma Fatha

123. Resolute confidence can enable ordinary people to make amazing careers. – Marton

124. It is for vain privilege to talk about blasphemy, in order to get the trust of others and to exchange secrets. – La Rochefoucco

125. To give up beliefs is no different from death.