Congruency is the link that cannot be faked. It is the link between what you do and what you believe and it is this link which we need more than anytime in recent history. Do you consistently bridge the gap between your core values and your actions? Do your actions reflect why you are doing anything?

“The person who has the most congruency in any situation, will have the most power and influence.” -Tony Robbins

In current times there has been a disconnect between what we believe and what we do. We have forced ourselves as a society into a corner where we no longer respect someone’s true beliefs. They are labelled, categorised dismissed as politically incorrect, not congruent with “modern times” and out of date.

A racist, a sexist, a feminist, democrat, republican, liberal, revisionist, equalist, fascist… The number of labels we have created for “certain” people is testament to the fact that no one can be their own person, they have to belong to a group and all must be quantified. You can either be a feminist or an equalist and you daren’t try and make your own mark that can’t be categorised. We have gone so far as to deny people the ability to speak their truths out of fear of being labelled something they are not. We have gone so far as to use a label as a means to justify our actions, rather than debating our own point. We have gone to a point where we have lost congruency as a society. So how do we get this back?

Force to Power

There are two ways to get things done in this world: power or force. When we force something, by definition, it requires brute strength, it suggests struggle and often the need for sacrifice. Force a political campaign, force a door, force an opinion… This has become the norm.

When we use our power, an innate gift that manifests itself when we have absolute congruence, it’s all too easy.

Everything we do goes from a push to a pull. Struggle to serendipity. Transaction to transformation. Power is the key that only a few have recognised and fewer utilised. To empower oneself is to go beyond the disconnect of changing opinions or behaviour and to the connection of congruency.

Congruency: The Why, to the How, to the What

When we create congruency in our daily lives, by aligning our WHY (the reason we get p in the morning), our beliefs and core values with everything we do – we find our power. (Check out Simon Sinek’s “Start with the Why”.)

Our message, our beliefs, our WHY becomes a mission that we lead and others join and what we find is that we connect with people on a new level as they are attracted to our congruency: they share the same values. These people align with your WHY, because you express it in everything you do. These people become best friends, raving fans, loyal supporters, who spread your message effortlessly as you move from force to power.

Congruency rises above the temporary, the superficial and the disconnect that has creeped into our lives. Congruency unleashes power. It pulls you towards your mission, your WHY.


If we can commit today to speaking our truth, to aligning our actions with our beliefs, to congruency; we will find our power in the hardest times that face us. The world will connect once more. It will connect on a level that we can’t foresee. People will love what they do. They will love why they do it. They will love you for your WHY – not for WHAT you do.

We, you – will empower a world.

Seek congruency, commit to it, endeavour to be true to your why in everything you do and with everyone you meet.

Because then, and only then, will it become…


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