I can tell you are excited to learn about undeniable self-confidence that others will notice in the workplace, relationships, business, and anywhere in overall life. You could learn how to have self-confidence now. It is easily attained when you have confidence in who you are at the most fundamental level. You may realize that your undeniable confidence, influence, and empowerment comes from being congruent in your heart.

Congruent simply means being in agreement or harmony with all parts of the whole. Its a geometry term that applies to the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical aspects of our lives. When all 4 aspects of our humanity are in agreement anything can happen and synchronicities will be plentiful. 

To explain further, all energy from the universe comes from the spiritual realm into our consciousness in the here and now. This energy is pure, undisturbed and for the highest good for all. It’s important to understand that this energy is pure and when it passes through the realms of mental and emotional it can become refracted like a prism due to mental or emotional blocks. 

And you can easily keep this energy in a line by purifying your mental and emotional states preventing the divine energy from refracting into sadness, anger, depression, anxiety, grief, or any other low vibrational form. This is the secret to undeniable confidence; becoming congruent on all four realms all the way down into the physical manifestation of our reality. 

You may be wondering how you can purify your mental and emotional states to receive this pure energy from the universe. Your number one priority is to understand that your thoughts create your reality. You can learn to notice your thoughts and if you want a different reality change your thoughts into positive affirmations. You can learn to notice your lower vibrational emotional states and simply change them into positive states by practicing Ho’oponopono and focusing on unconditional love and compassion. Ho’noponopono is an ancient Hawaiian practice that forgives everyone in your life that ever wronged you, which in turn forgives yourself. In addition, surrendering any negative emotions to a higher power during deep meditation will transform your emotional energy. 

You may learn to become congruent from the inside out and once you are there you can synchronize your gut, heart, and mind to lead yourself. It’s important to have a pure heart before you follow it without question. You may realize that following your heart is fulfilling and allowing your gut to double-check the path to the calling is where success lies in all endeavors. 

You can make undeniable confidence easy by following your heart, checking it with your gut, and mentally following the path of perfect resistance. You may discover that you love your hearts calling and your gut will guide you toward true fulfillment.