I did a 10 minute piece for my friend’s stage show. This is what I said. I hope you enjoy.

I’m so honored to be up here with you all tonight. Since I can’t come down and touch each one of you, in a moment, I would like it if you could please turn to the person next to you, touch their shoulder and say, “You are important and I’m glad you’re here.” Then turn to the other side and do the same. If you are on an end, close your eyes and say to yourself, “I am important and I am glad I’m here”. Okay turn now and do it, “You are important and I’m glad you’re here. Other side.”

Imagine with me, if you would for a moment, that we are bright beautiful stars temporarily housed in these earthsuits. That we come from the Universe (a chip off the old God block) and while on this planet, we will learn lessons, grow, evolve, touch those that need to be touched, and be touched by those that need to touch us. When we have done what we came here to do, we drop our earthsuits, and go back home from where we came. Some go home after a day and some after 101 years. 

Imagine that you are so special that not one person on this planet, out of 7 billion people, have the same face as you, the same design on their thumb, or thinks exactly like you do. So everything you look at, write about, say, draw, think, is uniquely yours. No one can do what you do, exactly the way you do it. The day we man our earthsuits (our birth day), our brilliant bright shining lights get temporarily tucked into a body.

During childhood, our parents, teachers, friends, and society do what they are supposed to do and start covering up our bright light, so much so, that by the time you are an adult, you have forgotten how brilliant you are. Your earthsuit still houses your unique divine self, but now it is covered with so many layers, you can no longer see the light breaking through. It is our job as grown-ups to peel back the layers from our childhood and find our true Self again.

One way to start this is to think about what brings you your greatest joy. What makes your heart sing? What do you look forward to doing? Whatever that is, give it attention, do more of it, and once you are living in that joyful space, share it with others. I call this FYG & GYG (find your gift & give your gift.) I believe if you do this, you will be happy.

Let that sink in. Think about what brings you joy. How could you bring more of that into your everyday? What would you do differently? What would that look like? If you knew FYG & GYG would guarantee happiness, and you may even experience Heaven on Earth, what steps could you take today to move closer to living your passion, your joy, your true Self?

I went to the MAC store the other day. I was super excited because I just got my 30% off card. I parked my car and walked into the store. The only people I saw were two co–workers talking to each other at the front desk. Neither of them acknowledged me, so I started browsing the lipstick display and listened to the two gals chatting. One of the gals was stunning. She was Latino, about 27, with a smokin’ hot body. It was right around valentine’s day and she was opening flowers and sharing how, “I’m not sure which guy they are from.” I said, “hey hot pants, quit talking about all of the men you are making out with and get over here and show me some lipstick!” They both started laughing and flower girl came over. We talked a bit about her boyfriends, then she cleaned off a bunch of lipsticks for me to try. When I was ready to browse on my own I told her, “Thank you for your help, now leave me please, I would like to browse on my own.” She said, “No, I want to stay with you.” I looked behind her back, towards the makeup counter and said, “I need to speak to the manager, this employee is harassing me.” The beautiful mid-30’s gal said, “I am the manager. Trust me, I know how she can be.” We all laughed. Hot pants took me by the hand and said, “Come on, I want to show you our new spring line. I know you’ll love it.”

We walked up to one of the two displays. The other display had a woman who was 65, maybe 70, years old, with no make-up, no eyelashes, no eyebrows, and no hair. She had her head wrapped in a scarf. She looked tired and broken. Next to her was a Filipino gal in a nurse’s uniform. I wasn’t sure if they were just taking a break from chemo or if that was her private nurse. Hot pants started brushing my face with some of bright pastel colors. The scarf lady watched. When hot pants walked away, I looked at myself in the mirror, then at scarf lady, and said, “Do you have cancer?” She shook her head yes. “What kind?”, I asked. She started telling me about her cancer. “Oh, I am not familiar with that type. How do they treat it? Chemo? Radiation?” “Both”, she said. Then she started telling me about it. How long she’s had it, how it came back, and how discouraged she felt. I asked her what the worse part of it all was, and she said how sick she feels after the chemo. “It really wipes me out and this is the second time around for me.” “That sucks”, I said. “I’m sorry you are going through this again.” “Thanks.”

We just looked at each other, then she said, “I like your make up. It looks pretty.” “Thank you! It does look kinda cute, huh? Can I put some on you?” I asked. “Oh no, that’s okay.” she said.

“I want to. Come closer” I said as I pulled her towards me. I started putting on some blush, some highlighter, and bronzer. She just stood still with her eyes closed feeling the touch of the brush. Her chin was lifted in such a way, it seemed as if she had never felt something so soft before.

We stood silent as I painted her face. After a few moments I said, “Wouldn’t it suck if you looked in the mirror and I was really bad at this?” she laughed. I finished up and handed her the mirror. She said, “I like it! I’ll buy whatever she is buying”. Hot pants took off pulling the products.

I put down the brush and she touched my hand and said, “Thank you. You are a beautiful person.” I said, “I appreciate that. You are a beautiful person too.”

I walked back to the two sassy gals at the check-out counter and bought my make-up. I left the store and started my car. Just then the scarf lady walked out, waved to me, and motioned to roll down the window. I did. She walked over and said, “I am glad I met you.” “Me too. I love you.” I said and drove away.

Part of my gift is connecting with others. I see who they really are, not how they present them self. This story reminds me how important it is to connect. We are not meant to be alone. We are meant to work together, to see each other, and to help each other. We are stronger in numbers. We all want to be seen, heard, and touched. This lets us know we matter and we all matter.  

So today, when you get up to leave, reach out and hug someone, squeeze their shoulder, look them in the eye; Connect. And when you are home, look at yourself in a mirror. Try and see through your eyes to catch a glimpse of your shining bright light that resides within.

We are not here to play small. We are not here to be comfortable. We are here to play big, be brilliant, and shine!

Namaste. To me that means, the light and love inside of me sees and honors the light and love inside of you.