2020 has been a tough year for all us COVID-19 swept across the entire world; It has forced us to rethink what we do and how we do our work. I am into content writing, digital marketing and online reputation marketing from the past three years. In this three month time, I used my time in updating myself in this business. 

If I say my meaningful connection in the Pandemic I made is with my group friends. Yes, we came together and started working on several projects. It helped me a lot to grow as a productive content writer, PR Expert and Reputation management expert in India.

My entire group is in IT starting from the next-gen entrepreneur in India Parmarth Mori who is founder of PmCommunications, then best Programmer in Gujarat Solanki Monish. Best Graphic designer in Gujarat Vishal Sheth founder of best graphic designing company Braggarts Studio and MS Office Excel master Ravil Raval.

It was not in starting as we all have different opinions, but the good thing was we all have the same vision, and that was to create a platform for people where they can join on one platform and showcase their writing talent. So first we started with 25hournews, than Indian Daily Post thesocialmediastar.com billionairepost.com and many more projects. 

We have started this project with a strong vision. We have done quite a lot of research by going through some of the most reliable websites and content writing platforms like Thrive Global, Medium and many more sites. 

We choose to spend our time and energy on our projects, and by doing that, we also maintain our distance by communication from online platforms on a daily basis. It is a different situation for all of us to communicate via online video conferencing even living nearby. But I feel it is a new experience and we are getting used to it. What is right here is we are able to develop sites which are now attracting millions worldwide.

So this is my experience in Pandemic 2020, where I made a meaningful connection with my childhood friends again and started a few projects together. 

Jigar Saraswat Indian Content Writer, Surendranagar, Gujarat, India.