Natalie Turner is a Connection Coach who has helped dozens of women get through relational and emotional issues. In this article Natalie shares how she handles draws the inspiration to complete her life’s goals and achieve success.

Handling Emotional Anxiety

Natalie believes that the first step required in getting past any emotional problem is to stop looking for quick fixes. 

When we do this, she explains that we’re numbing, avoiding, and trying to control these emotions and that actually causes whatever issue that is being felt to linger. The right thing to do, according to Natalie, is to allow those unpleasant feelings to go through you, instead of trying to avoid them, absorb them.

She further explains that it literally means to experience the sensation of the emotions in your body, being present with it (Feel your feelings)

Emotions are energy in motion and if we allow them, without making them wrong or trying to get them to go away as quickly as possible, eventually they will pass. 

If you’re sad or angry, you don’t have to create a story about why you’re feeling the emotions the way you are. Feelings are not meant to be figured out, they are meant to be felt. 

Allowing whatever is welling up inside you to come up will eventually facilitate its free passage instead of having stuck and suppressed emotions. 

Achieving Success

Natalie points out that she feels fulfilled anytime a client finds healing, gets an “aha” moment or can point to something they worked through together as reasons for emotions of happiness, peace, more fulfillment and of course more connection, those are always her best achievements. 

She has also learned from and helped support some of the biggest names in personal development and that’s wonderful but to her, having a client tell her “you’ve helped change my life” is why she does the work that she does. 

Healing Methodology

Natalie tailors her method based on what her clients need most but in addition to conversational coaching, she has her clients do a lot of inner child work, use the empty chair method and do some writing techniques among other things. 

Additionally, to really address the blocks that are stuck in the body, she uses breathwork with her clients which is the most powerful self-healing modality there is. 

It is key to address the mind, soul, and body because just talking during therapy or coaching can’t get through to some pieces in us that are keeping us stuck. 

Natalie explains that when we’re verbally communicating, we make use of our prefrontal cortex, she goes on to clarify that the prefrontal cortex isn’t where trauma or memories are stored, so while it might help with some understanding, it won’t actually get the felt experiences of painful feelings in the body “out”. 

This is why someone could be in therapy for years and never feel like its working. Using methods, in addition to talk therapy, that address the mind, body and soul make for the most complete transformations. 

Getting Past Abuse

Natalie was abused in a relationship she was in not too long ago. During that period she made a choice and chose not to live as a victim. She realized that if she wanted to heal and grow, she had to take a hard look at herself and how she wound up in that situation. 

It might sound like she put the blame on herself for what happened but she was actually learning and understanding how her childhood wounds and her previous trauma contributed to the situation and assisted her greatly in the healing process. By doing this, she chose not to just sit in suffering but instead to transform her pain into her power.