Connection – The Isolation Buster!

Does anyone else feel like they are watching a science fiction movie? The streets show few signs of life, school buses are parked, and empty commercial aircrafts sit idle on runways. Rush hour traffic does not exist in most places while shopping malls, fitness centers, schools, colleges, and most businesses are closed until further notice. It is surreal, isn’t it?

And, as if that was not epic enough, we have been told to shelter-in-place and isolate ourselves in our homes with no outside human to human contact. The result of all of this is an emotional toll like nothing we have experienced in our lifetimes! We are left with a roller coaster of emotions to deal with, from super ramped up anxiety to a connection-void the size of a lunar crater.

So, where do we go from here, and how do we survive this “new normal” that has descended upon our world with little warning to turn our mindset into a war zone mentality? Our biggest defense, plain and simple, is to stay connected to others!

We have been designed and wired as social creatures, and connection to others is key to our survival. Studies continue to show that we need others, it is not optional. It is more important to our state of wellness than being fit, eating healthy, and exercising, according to research on longevity.

Now more than ever as we self-quarantine in our homes, we must make a deliberate effort to connect with our family, friends, and neighbors. We are fortunate to live in an era where this is possible with the gift of modern technology. From Facetime to Skype, and from social media to cell phones, there are many methods available to assist us to see and talk to our loved ones today! My husband and I have instituted a weekly Skype family meeting so we can see our kids and their families, especially our precious grands. It helps so much to fill that deep void that has crept into our daily lives as we hunker down. Last week we also added in my husband’s brother and sister to the Skype call. It was fun and festive, as we laughed about some of us showing obvious changes of hair color and length, with the closing of our hair salons. Humor is good for the soul.

We know in life’s darkest moments we benefit the most from leaning on the special connections of our loved ones, those who connect us to joy, peace and most importantly, hope.  Reach out today through a text, call, or social media to someone who you have not spoken to recently. We are in very unusual times which calls for very intentional actions.  The key to our survival individually and collectively, is connection. Together we will help each other get through this, and together we will rise up stronger, more resilient, and forever changed for the better!