15.766 kilometres – That is the distance between face2face communication, connection and comfort. It is the imperfection of my almost perfect relationship. 

For more than 5 years physical distance was never a threat – A challenge to overcome with the luxury of travel. The long-distance agreement ignited our individual growth, and therefor enriched our connection. A mutual agreement to live through life pleasures together. A hearted connection. Until one of the non -negotiables was threatened… 

In our digital world where communication is the digital key – Social distancing is hard to find. However, the deeper meaning of communication is blurred. Communication is a working tool to initiate and maintain connections. People are social creatures who naturally seek for connection with each other – Compassion, Love and Comfort all are given through endless dimensions of communication. A connection with others creates an opportunity to express and utilise our distinct characteristics. 

A little reality check on the term ‘Social distancing’ … What are the actual implications? Eroded social connections. Physical disconnections. Emotional isolation. 

Communication is key. Connection is critical. Love is vital. The circumstances of 2020 require redesign. Rephrasing what we know what worked in the past. 

Confronted with unemployment and my choice to stay where I belong, Australia, unleashed a journey to the connection with myself. After 33 years, and genuine soul searching over the last months, I found the most meaningful connection in life. The one with me. 

I was a reflection of my mothers’ values, strengths and it brought me to where I am. The work I did on myself renewed the connection with her. The love, the emotional connection, enriched the positive treats which are ingrained. We were never so far apart, and yet never so closely connected. The words communicate – Our hearts connect.

I discovered my desire for motherhood through the connection with myself. With the man between the mountains. The relationship which is precarious due to border closures, quota’s and visa formalities. We were never closer connected through redesigned emotional -and communicative connection. Our hearts connect.

Communication is key. Life is Connection.