We have indeed seen a totally different world in 2020 due to Pandemic. It changed our day to day lives and taught us that we are not still better as we think. We have failed to stop COVID-19 as it took lives, stopped businesses and all. 

In this summer, I started to work on content writing. To all, I am writing from quite a long time, but these three months of summer changed my life. I learned how to use keywords which can help me and my clients grow in their business. 

Its real content is king, and when you use content with write keywords, it can change your and clients life. As we all know, the internet is available in the almost entire world, and you get opportunities when you are available online. 

In the past three months, I also got featured in many useful sites as the best content writer in Asia, best content writer in India and best content writer in Gujarat. In these three months time, I also got featured as best PR expert of Asia, Best PR Expert in India. Yes, I started a bit low due to scare of Pandemic, but from April I was up there with my work. Today I am working on a project like 25hournewsindiandailypost.comthesocialmediastar.com billionairepost.com.

I am also learning graphic designing from a best graphic designer in Gujarat, India Vishal Sheth founder of Braggarts Studio

Vishal Sheth is a thriving young talent known for his chic graphic designing work. He has experience of more than 15 years. His work influenced me to learn graphic designing, and it is my new work for this summer. Feels good when you get the support of the best graphic designer of India like Vishal Sheth. 

So my one tip to all the people who are not able to do something new this summer would suggest them to try something which they like the most. It can change their career and even their lives to the positive side.

Yes, Pandemic is scary, but if we take care and focus on our work by not listening to negative news, we can plug into daily life.

Jigar Saraswat, Surendranagar, Gujarat, India.