I am SO not a morning person, but I do have a morning routine.

There is no right path to healing
But this is my formula and it has had immense effects on my mental health, my creativity and how I approach road bumps in my day, I have also learnt how to incorporate this into my travels.
When I neglect it, I suffer dearly.

When we wake up from our slumber:

Our melatonin levels have reached their peak
Our the stress hormone ‘cortisol’ is about to jump on the rise
Our body temperature has lowered, and our psyche is still slightly immersed in our dreams…

When we come out of sleep we are not feeling or thinking anything, but as we start to get up, we launch straight into the part of our brain that takes up 95% of our behaviours, patterns and beliefs
Our subconscious

Ever been through something traumatic, eg a breakup, and in the days after the event, you wake up in the morning and slowly begin to remember it was all real?

The stronger the emotion you feel, the more altered you feel inside of you, and the more you explore it in this altered state the more you will start to become aware of what is causing it.

The way in which we wake up sets the standard for the rest of our day

15-20 minutes – Hypnosis & Meditation

The best time to access and reprogram our subconscious mind is when we first wake up and right before we go to sleep

Depending on whether I’m moving through an emotional event or experiencing I like to start my day with one of these 2 meditations

This is subconscious programming in which you identify your situation, put a stop sign up to it and train your brain to let go; inviting in all the feelings your ideal positive situation would bring.

The second is a ten minute guided meditation inviting you to feel the 3 most powerful emotions to cultivate positive energy
And gratitude

2-3 minutes – Coconut oil + Body Brushing

Swooshing coconut oil around in your mouth for 3-8 minutes a day has a plethora of health benefits
I do this while body brushing upwards from the bottom of my feet right up to my neck always brushing up towards the heart

10-30 minutes – Movement

This can come in many forms and I like to change it up every day

Some days I do chi movements where I shake out my nervous system and then hold a slight squat pose for 3-5 minutes
And then a few sun salutations

Or I get outside and run around my block.

Just move, dance in your bathroom to your favourite track for 5 minutes so you don’t wake up your boyfriend.
Whatever your favourite form of movement is. Do it

5-10 minutes – Hot/Cold shower

Cold showers have a number of health benefits. Not only does it ‘set you up’ for being uncomfortable (something inevitable in our day to day life) by giving you a higher level of alertness, cold showers have also been proven to decrease anxiety and depression and cultivate a more robust immune system.

Switching from hot to cold improves circulation

10 minutes – Breakfast with NO PHONE

My favourite part of my morning is sitting with my matcha+cacao (Hot or iced depending on the season) or my smoothie on my couch with my kitten and reflecting on what I want my day to look like, or sitting in gratitude for how much I love the absolute shit out of my apartment.
I generally fast 12-15 hours a day

Supplements I take:

5HTP – Assists with anxiety and depression by increasing serotonin levels
Comfort + – Assists my gut
Chlorophyll – Assists with energy, gut health and immune system

Night Routine

Activated Charcoal (5 days on 5 days off) + Melatonin
Assists with detoxification, gut health and sleep

15-30 minutes – Reading

Reading something easy to digest

Currently reading

Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck
This is for the women who don’t give a fuck
What my Soul Told Me
How to Murder your Life

15-20 minutes – Before Sleep Meditation