Today I have the opportunity to share my conversation with Kimberly Faith. She is a systems thinking expert, award-winning author, & futurist. Kim has trained or coached over thirty- three thousand leaders from Fortune 500 companies like Amazon, American Airlines, BMW, GE, HCA and Microsoft. She has inspired leaders from 33 countries spanning 24 industries. She is best known for her thought leadership in systems thinking and women’s leadership, her podcast The Sisterhood Report and her recent award-winning book for women titled Your Lion Inside. Her most recent article in light of these challenging times is about The Currency of Trust.

What experience has inspired you the most in your journey of becoming a conscious business leader?  

I have spent my lifetime listening to “what people don’t say” — what we don’t say often speaks louder than what we do. I believe we are entering a golden age of transparency and respect. Accelerated change and the collective consciousness is inviting us to live in alignment with who we are designed to be. This is the grand adventure beckoning to us all. Soulful leadership requires people to live from their core, so their light radiates from the inside out. When that happens, people cannot help but follow. This will be the defining difference for corporations in this new age.

How do you see the connection between business success and personal transformation for today’s leaders?

We can no longer live a divided life where we are one person at work and a different one at home. It takes too much energy. Our power comes from aligning those two personas and being able to live fully aligned to our purpose. Being an example of this alignment creates a ripple across humanity because our light shines in a powerful way — people cannot help but follow.

Given your commitment as a conscious business leader, what’s your approach to developing leaders to encourage greater consciousness?

It has been my joy to remind leaders across the globe of how powerful they truly are. I genuinely don’t believe people need to be “fixed.” I believe in gently polishing the treasure they already are. Encouraging leaders to align the personal and professional is a way to unleash the power within. Being courageous on my own personal journey guides me as I bring this approach to others. My intent is to stretch the mind and warm the heart — with lots of laughter along the way. After all, the energy of love and laughter is of the highest vibration.

What do you see as the key qualities of a conscious business leader?

I would say #systemsthinking and free thinking. We need leaders who can connect the dots and see the bigger picture. The world is in desperate need of leaders willing to question the status quo and capable of explaining the why behind it. We need leaders who can go up on the mountaintop, see what is unfolding in the valley, and communicate what they see courageously and effectively. Far too many stay in the valley and are clueless about the unintended consequences being created. Our educational system has taught us to place everything in separate boxes. It is time for us to empty out the boxes. It is time to see the natural flow and connections. What affects one affects all.   

What is your biggest challenge as a conscious business leader?

Being courageous enough to turn down business when a client has lost their way. It has been sobering to see how much disrespect is baked into some systems, especially the tech industry which Emily Chang clearly articulates in her book Brotopia. We are each being invited to explore balance between making a living and making a difference. I consciously choose to invest in companies who truly care about the world. The chasm between those who do care and those who don’t is becoming wider and wider. This disrespect is going to be the defining difference between brands we trust and those we don’t. Trust is a currency and far too many have lost sight of that important factor.

How can our readers follow you or your company on social media, and get a copy of your book? 

My book Your Lion Inside just won a fifth award which is a testament to the power of the content. The book can be found on Amazon and Audible. I would love to have your readers join in on Facebook where they can find me at Kimberly Faith – Author. LinkedIn is another terrific connection. Of course, I hang out on Twitter @IamKimFaith and Instagram — Kimberly Faith Inspires.


  • Mark Samuel is a transformative leader with over 30 years of experience in the business world. He has helped hundreds of companies overcome stagnation, transform their businesses, and eliminate toxic work cultures to increase profits, morale, and customer experience. Mark trains leaders on how to implement sustainable changes within just one or two months--a revolutionary approach that he's pioneered with his team at IMPAQ. Mark writes frequently for Forbes and Thrive Global, and hosts the Conscious Leadership with Mark Samuel podcast. He is the author of 7 books, including his newest book, the USA TODAY / Wall Street Journal Bestseller "Reimagine Teams".