Conscious Choices, Conscious Realities!

Hey there!

Today I chose to write this article about choices.

Voluntarily or involuntarily we are always making choices everyday.

No matter how big or how small, from getting up in the morning to taking the subway to work. Everything is a choice. And our choices have created our realities.

It has shaped us to become the people we have become. And it has carved who has entered our lives and who has exited it. Our choices have defined every waking moment of our reality in this lifetime. Except there’s a glitch.

An anomaly if you will.

The Autopilot disorder! 

We think we are making a plethora of choices involuntarily.

But these choices aren’t involuntary. They’re ingrained so deeply in our subconscious mind that we’ve entered a mode very commonly called “autopilot”.

When we operate from the autopilot mode,  we don’t listen or are aware. We just are making choices that we make everyday without changing anything. When we operate in autopilot mode.

We don’t hear the universe speak, we don’t notice the signs, the synchronicities. We don’t notice anything. We are just existing. In the same reality over and over and over.

Don’t you think that’s dangerous? To be caught in that constant loop?

So what should we choose there? To break that pattern. To break free from the autopilot mode.

We can do it by doing little things. For instance, if you wear your watch on your left hand. Wear it on the right hand. Break from that loop.

And you’ll notice the wonders that come with it. When we choose not to operate from the autopilot mode; our realities begin to shift and we make room for magic and manifestations and infinite abundance!

So are you choosing to break free from autopilot mode today?

The Art of Resonance

There are many instances where we made choices we didn’t like or didn’t resonate with that lead to some unpleasant experiences in our lives.

That made us physically, mentally or emotionally heavy or vulnerable.

And then we begin to disappear in the vicious circle of self doubt, victimisation and low vibrations. Has happened with the best of us. But it doesn’t matter what choices we made and where it has lead us to.

What matters is we become aware now and choose better and create something better with it!


Let me break it down for you.

When we are consciously aware. When we choose to create something better.

A shift begins to happen in the energy that’s us and that surrounds us.

The vibration of the universe starts resonating with the vibration that we are sending out. This creates a new reality for us which is magnanimous and magical than the one that we were previously operating in.

How did these chain of events take place you ask? Simply by us making a tiny tiny choice of creating something better! Fascinating right?

Choices! Choices! Choices!

We’re all making choices all the time. Every minute of every day. Take my example, being a marketing executive, I am constantly making choices for my client’s digital marketing success and reach. Sometimes I make choices that don’t quite fit their vision.

Holistically speaking, these choices don’t resonate with them in their quest for “highest good”.

So what do I do next then? Simple.

I make a different choice.

A better one.

And then I create something that resonates with them and their vision and mission. 

The Epiphany 

The epiphany here is as soon as we become aware.

As we realise that all that we are choosing to do or to be is shaping our reality bit by bit. Be it good, bad, Marvelous or disastrous!

As soon as we come into that awareness that we have the power, through our choices to create our magnificent realities. So why not choose better?

Choose through a place of a more positive outlook?

Choose a life that comes to us with ease and joy and glory?

When we understand this. That the universe has given us this amazing tool named “choice”. That it shapes our realities whatever way we want it to shape.

We will begin to claim our power of “creating consciously”.

We will begin to experience amazing things happening in our lives. And then we will make a choice to be grateful for it. And create more of it. And it goes on and on and on and on!!! 

Questioning Mode On?

So ask yourself today!

  • Where have I made my current reality so vital that I choose not to see possibilities beyond it?
  • Where am I choosing to stay locked in a box where I cannot feel the freedom I was actually created with?
  • Where am I limiting myself from creating the reality I desire? Where am I choosing to stay in the autopilot mode?
  • How can I break free from it? How can I make better choices to enter into universal bliss? 

Ask these to yourself and then choose to destroy and uncreate whatever is limiting you to make choices that create the reality you desire.

Choose to vibrate higher.

Choose to break free from self limiting thought patterns. Choose to be the infinite being that you are. I make these choices everyday. I am a work in progress.

But I’m aware and choosing consciously. Are you?