If you’ve read the previous articles in this series, congratulations for continuing on this “Conscious Self-Care” journey!

Something inside of you is saying YES to:

  • Slowing down to listen.
  • Becoming aware of doing vs. being patterns.
  • Shifting your awareness back to yourself.
  • Experiencing more balance between your thoughts and feelings.

I know it’s a lot but you’re the only one who can do this for yourself. As you probably now realize, conscious self-care is not an overnight quick-fix type of journey. Conscious self-care happens one choice at a time, for the rest of your life. It’s a way of being. And now we’ve reached another moment of choice.

When our boys were young and we’d say something they didn’t want to know, they’d shout, “Mom, we can’t un-hear that!”

Well, I’m getting ready to share something you may not want to hear. So, if you want to jump off this conscious self-care journey, now’s the time to click out of this article and carry on with your familiar patterns and comfortable choices. “No harm, no foul” as some would say.

If however, you’re ready to journey a little deeper into yourself, let’s go!

To offer some context, below is an excerpt from my book, 
Loving Life… All of It – A Walk with Cancer, Compassion, and Consciousness:

“In 2009, I began a daily journal and explored some of my deepest fears, uncertainties, joys, and dreams. As my fears became less fearful, old beliefs and judgments became less painful, and my life’s motto, ‘everything happens for a reason,’ expanded to include, ‘loving life…all of it.’

My desire to embrace all aspects of myself with compassion became the motivating factor for this expanded shift in perception. A wonderful way to illustrate this concept is to share a picture that our youngest son, Justin, drew when he was 8 years old.

‘Mommy, I need to draw you a picture,’ he said as I was preparing to leave for a Vibrational Awareness presentation on the East Coast.

Sitting on the floor with markers in hand, he diligently began drawing. With focused attention and unforeseen determination, his hand flowed flawlessly from one image to the next. This was not a simple ‘Good-bye, Mommy, I’ll miss you’ picture that many children draw for their parents who are leaving on a trip; this was a special message for me, coming through my precious son.

This is what he drew:

“The Rainbow Pyramid” drawn by Justin Camie (8 yrs.old) in 2005
copyright 2005 Justin Camie

Surprised and curious by what Justin had drawn, I asked him about the second image. With the innocence of a child, he replied very matter-of-factly, ‘Oh, that’s the Rainbow Pyramid.’

As if a light bulb had turned on in my head, I saw it; we are the Rainbow Pyramid and each color represents a different vibration, experience, thought, feeling, belief, etc. inside of us. ‘Wow! This is my whole presentation,’ I told him, as I embraced the profound gift of this image as it visualized the potential wholeness of who we are.

I knew this was a message from Spirit, so clearly and innocently expressed through Justin’s hands:

‘To find our balance, we must embrace all the colors in our Rainbow Pyramid with joy and gratitude in order to live fully from our hearts.’

I also like to read it from right to left, ‘When we live from our hearts, from a place of joy and gratitude (without fear) and embrace all the colors in our Rainbow Pyramid, we come into balance.’”

Here’s how we can explore our Rainbow Pyramid…

Have you ever found yourself getting upset at the silliest things?
Here are a few things that used to upset me:

  • When my husband played video games
  • Seeing vacation photos from friends (not really upset but envious)
  • When our boys left dishes in the sink
  • When I saw a terrible harpist on Oprah, oh, yeah, there’s a story behind that one!

Here it comes, the “I can’t un-hear that” phrase of the day…

“If it triggers you, it’s in you.”

Now, that’s not something many people want to hear because it’s so much easier to blame others when we get upset or triggered.

Here’s what this looks like in real life:

  • When my husband would play video games it triggered my resistance to slow down and have fun.
  • Seeing vacation photos from friends triggered my fear of taking a break from everything I thought I had to do.
  • When our boys left dishes in the sink it triggered my feelings of being unworthy, unappreciated, and feeling like I had to serve others.
  • When I saw a terrible harpist on Oprah it triggered my fears of not knowing how to build a business and get my music out to the world.

We all have triggers based on our fears, old beliefs, and subconscious patterns.

Being honest with ourselves when we feel a trigger is another step on this conscious self-care journey.

What are some of your triggers?

Be gentle with yourself as new colors within your Rainbow Pyramid begin to shine. Each one is a part of the wholeness of who you are.

Below is a short video that further demonstrates, “If It Triggers You, It’s In You”

Remember: Self-care happens one conscious choice at a time.
I’m grateful to walk this journey with you.

Loving Life…All of it,
Amy Camie, CCM

This article was originally published on The Wellness Universe

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