In the last article, we talked about “If it triggers you, it’s in you.”

After reading it, did you find yourself getting triggered by certain people or situations? Did you find yourself getting irritated because you didn’t want to turn the mirror inward and look at those old beliefs being triggered?

As mentioned in previous articles, the journey of conscious self-care is not for the faint of heart. It’s for those who are courageous and truly want to know themselves.

I remember when one of my older harp students came to her lesson infuriated. She adamantly stated, “Amy, I feel like crap!” Then she proceeded to tell me all the crappy things that were happening in her life. All I could say was, “Awesome! How can you turn that crap into manure?” 

Below is an excerpt from my book, Loving Life… All of It – A Walk with Cancer, Compassion, and Consciousness:

Life Lesson 2:

I Have the Choice to Choose How to Live My Life

Photo Credit: Julie Enstall

Personal Email Response to a Friend – January 9, 2011

“By walking this journey on my own terms, I knew it was my responsibility to be fully present within it. I could feel my body calling out for my attention. I could choose to be angry and upset that my body ‘did this to me’ or I could choose to listen deeply to what my body was trying to tell me. The previous years of deep introspection, journaling and utilizing The ORIGINS Method had brought to my awareness traumas and experiences of my past and I intuitively knew that many of those old vibrational feelings, thoughts, and beliefs were still in my body. I was also aware that my familiar way of being was to put other people first, to think that I was feeling, along with other patterns of behavior that kept me disconnected from feeling what was in my body. I now had the opportunity to develop a new language of communication with my body from a place of loving self-compassion. This deep inner listening required focused attention as my body was changing constantly. With every test, surgery, drug, acupuncture treatment, massage, meal, meditation, my body was changing.

Every moment became an opportunity to choose:

· “Am I listening?”

· “Am I acting upon what I hear?”

· “Am I choosing old patterns of behavior?”

· “Am I choosing new actions that lovingly support me in this moment?”

· “What feels comfortable?”

· “Do I listen to what others tell me or feel what my body is saying?”

· “Where’s the balance between the inside and outside?”

All of these questions became part of my moment to moment awareness.

The fear, pain, trauma, and protection held within my body were not only part of my life experiences but also what I had inherited from my ancestral line; part of my genetic coding. I knew it was my opportunity, and responsibility, to bring as many unconscious patterns of behavior as possible to conscious awareness. Within this new awareness, I could choose differently, flip the switch and compassionately transform those old vibrational patterns of fear into loving and balanced colors of my Rainbow Pyramid, rather than allowing them to unconsciously and continually motivate my actions. It sometimes felt like a mammoth task, but when I took it one moment, one choice, one step at a time, the path became easier to walk.

Quiet Time for Reflection:

If you feel comfortable moving into this experience, close your eyes and take a deep breath in through your nose; hold for a few moments then exhale through your mouth slowly. Repeat a few times.

When you feel calm and relaxed allow the word “RESPONSIBLE” to come forth from within you.

How does this word feel to you?

Now allow the phrase “I have the choice to choose how to live my life” to come forth from within you.

How does this phrase feel to you?”

Conscious Self-Care Is A Journey of:

  • Moment by moment intentional choices
  • Expanding perceptions
  • Personal responsibility
  • Compassionate change

Conscious self-care is a journey where we:

  • Awaken to ourselves
  • Attune and balance our thoughts and feelings
  • Align with our truth by transforming old beliefs
  • Lovingly embrace the fullness of who we are

More truths that are part of the conscious self-care journey:

  • We are all in a state of constant change.
  • We all have triggers that help us become aware of aspects within us that are ready to be transformed.
  • We all have the power and responsibility to make choices that support our growth.
  • We recognize this journey is not comfortable, yet we choose to walk it anyway

It’s important to note that as we make different choices, those around us may want things to stay the same. They may not be ready for us to change because they’re not ready to change. They like things the way they are, comfortable and familiar.

Remember, every choice is an opportunity to stay in a familiar pattern or create a new one. It’s always your choice.

Be gentle with yourself as you make your choices from a place of conscious self-care.

Below is a short video, “Unhook the Trigger.”

Remember, self-care happens one conscious choice at a time.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this 6-Part Series ~ it’s been a joy introducing you to Conscious Self-Care.

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Loving Life… All of It,
Amy Camie, CCM

This article was originally published on The Wellness Universe

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