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We can allow the thought boundaries around our separate sense of self to dissolve away

All of us are immersed in a cosmic consciousness with unlimited capacity for change and evolution, a field of conscious awareness that is always inside us and everywhere throughout the Universe.

We can bring this realization into our everyday life in the world by adopting a spirituality that is less about belief and more about practice, in particular the practice of inwardly focusing our attention.

This is easy to do and something we can fit into stray moments of our everyday life, helping us get in tune with the single consciousness-space that orchestrates and binds together the whole Universe.

This cosmic intelligence is transforming itself into all life everywhere and into our own unique human form, for the duration of a human life.

Tuning in to this conscious cosmic space and being present, here and now in the moment, helps us dissolve the thought boundaries around our separate self and we can begin to see ourselves as active participants in the evolution of conscious awareness.

Active participants in this evolution because we’re tuned into or joined into, we could say, the intelligence of the living and conscious Universe, the cosmic intelligence which is transforming itself into all life everywhere.

Key to this is taking a bit of time every day to become consciously present in the moment, by focusing our attention inwardly.

This momentary inward focusing of our attention helps us be more aware of our intuitions, which are always emerging out of the cosmic space inside us and these intuitions can help us make great choices in the world and live well.

When we lose our inner connection into consciousness in the Universe, we can see ourselves as separate from the world and from other people, apparently alone inside the boundaries of our own mind, experiencing the world through the lens of a personal and insecure ego self.

Ego is insecure because it’s just a collection of thoughts and images in our mind, a shallow conceptual fiction about ourself, created since childhood, which has no grounding in the universal consciousness inside all of us.

As we tune in to and intuitively realize this universal consciousness within ourselves by inwardly paying attention to it, we can know it as the cosmic aware space inside all of us.

When we do this, we realize that there’s no actual ‘other’. There’s only the appearance of others, all of us within one seamless field of conscious awareness in all space everywhere.

What we are, the spacious consciousness at the core of all of us, is what is looking through all life everywhere into the world.

A field-experiencing cosmic intelligence is generating all life across the Universe, experiencing every moment within all of us and becoming more aware of itself by doing so.

It’s transforming itself, moment by moment, into the precisely orchestrated biochemistry of our human body and knows every transient moment of our life.

Each one of us is like a visible music, as streaming flows of vibrational information that are emerging out of cosmic consciousness, create the realtime, visible materialization we can observe as precisely orchestrated living cell biochemistry.

While several trillion complex biochemical reactions, all in precise sync with one another, are occurring throughout our human body, coherent neural processing, within trillions of synapses in our brain, is generating the impression of a three dimensional world around us.

In our busy, contemporary world, we often lose touch with a conscious, everyday connection into cosmic intelligence and no longer have an awareness of being woven into each other and at home in the Universe.

We can recover our inner connection into consciousness in the Universe by paying attention to the aware space inside us, the cosmic spatial awareness in all of us and throughout the Universe.

We can allow the thought boundaries around our separate sense of self to dissolve away, leaving us with the realization that consciousness exists everywhere, inside all of us.

A cosmic consciousness that knows all of us as itself.


Paul Mulliner is a writer and digital artist

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