By Sharon Radigan

Currency has always been used to obtain consciousness, but not many would think of consciousness as currency. 2020 and the early part of 2021 have changed that. I believe it’s been a slow build for many years, but the cherry has been put on that Sundae and here we are. We have entered 2021 a very stripped-down version of ourselves. Life as most of us knew it came to a stop. External focus became internal focus. It was a time of deep reflection and transformation.

We don’t always know the struggles each of us may face. However, right now we are all on the same page. We are all working with things as they are in the best way we can. We have such capacity for compassion when we witness someone going through something we’ve been through. We can fall deep into our bodies and be present with them and listen. We offer whatever we can. This exchange of energy is a transaction.

We all witnessed beautiful acts of selfless generosity and kindness. Things being done because it was the right thing to do. Because it made people feel better. An exchange of something beautiful, often not requiring currency, just the return of deep appreciation. There is a whole new generation of young people that have been witness to this beautiful way of being in the world. In some instances, self-motivated to do their part. Snapped out of the social media trance and called to be in service. With this new understanding, they will grow to lead by example. This new generation of consumers will expect more and not accept anything less.

The old way of doing business is over. Companies that lowered prices or gave free offerings gained loyal customers. We appreciated the gesture. They didn’t have to, and many didn’t, but they did. There is fatigue for anything that does not feel genuine or authentic. We have shifted from consumers to creators. We cleared clutter and realized how little we need. Money being spent moving forward will be done more consciously. With no longer looking to be sold too, authenticity will matter. The cream always rises to the top and so will the business operating from this mindset. Word of mouth has a frequency. Consumers looking for an authentic experience will follow that frequency to its source.